Classic leather biker jackets, leather pants, leather boots, sometimes with a bandana wrapped around their head to hold their hair and make it easier to put on their helmet. While we have grown very accustomed to this look, why do bikers still prefer it, including professional bikers?

This look comes with a certain set of prejudices, both good and bad, that professional bikers are obviously not afraid of because they still continue to wear black leather motorcycle jackets.

Sleek Design-

 Leather is smooth, almost aerodynamic in some ways. Because of this, many professional bikers continue to wear black leather motorcycle jackets.

Additionally, the design of these jackets allows for pockets in a variety of places, making it easier to carry things while riding a bike. The sleek design also allows for rainwater to glide off while also offering excellent protection from harsh winds and the occasional flying bugs.


Although leather does not provide as much protection as an armored vest, it still gives these professional bikers a sense of ease that if they were to get into a minor accident, most of their scraped and bruises would be prevented by the leather jacket.

Black leather motorcycle jackets are pretty difficult to tear, making it even more difficult for the rough asphalt of a roadway to get through to professional bikers’ skin. Granted, this protection would not go very far in a more serious collision, which is why professional bikers continuously urge caution when driving.

Classic Color

Black is a timeless color, and probably always will be. Because of this, professional bikers prefer to wear black leather motorcycle jackets. You may see the actual brown, or gray, but rarely will you see any other color of motorcycle jacket – unless on a professional racer.


Professional bikers started out wearing the classic black leather motorcycle jackets, and oftentimes it is very difficult to break free of tradition.

Obviously, you will still see some bikers who do not fit into this classic and traditional mode, but after a while, once a biker becomes professional, they will certainly find themselves in the tried and true classic black leather motorcycle jacket.

Universal Look.

The last element of why professional bikers prefer the classic leather biker jacket is that the look is almost universal in our world. Whenever you see someone wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket, you know they are a professional biker, regardless of which country you are currently visiting.

All in all, the type of jacket a biker wears is a statement of their status as a biker. Professional bikers have found their favorite in the classic black leather motorcycle jacket because it is not only a timeless look, but also shows on-lookers that they are professional and take their bike seriously.

While this tried and true classic look has seen few changes in the past several years, there are a variety of black leather motorcycle jackets for professional bikers to choose from. Adding in extra pockets, strands, extra zippers, or even the occasional button will all make a personality statement on top of the classic biker jacket itself.