The best leather Biker Jackets, the usual demographic is for men. However, there are many popular styles for women to wear as well – and there are plenty of women who enjoy riding motorcycles, especially if their boyfriend or husband has the same hobby. As such, the following list describes some of the most common styles for biker jackets for women.

Unique Colors

Oftentimes men want just plain and simple black or brown, black biker jackets for omen, however, are more likely to include areas of varying color. Some may even be a solid bright and bold color – such as red or yellow. Women love making a fashion statement with color – and what better way to do so than with either wearing an entire colored jacket, or add areas of color to a mostly black biker jacket for women.

Contoured Designs

While men prefer the straight forward design of a jacket, women like a contoured design that will show off their figure. As such, the waist of a black biker jacket for women will be smaller than the rest of the jacket, flaring out for the hips and bust. In addition to the contoured designs, you will see differing areas of reinforcement on a woman’s jacket because of where the most wear and tear will happen on a woman’s jacket.

Sticking to the Classic

While some women may want to venture out and make a fashion statement, others will want to stick to the tried and true classic black biker jacket for women. The classic jacket will offer a woman everything she needs while riding a motorcycle – the extra pockets, the stylish design, and the reinforced leather at the shoulders and core to help prevent abrasions during minor accidents.

Quilted Leather Design

The quilted design of leather tends to make the jacket thicker and warmer, which is why it may be more common for women, considering they tend to get colder more easily than men. Additionally, the quilted leather design will allow the wearer to add spruce of color with all of that extra stitching that is required to make such a fun design. Lastly, while it is a different design and pattern than most jackets, it is not too far outside the box, but it also still considered somewhat classic.

Extra Long Biker Jackets

Women riding a motorcycle will more than likely want jackets that cover from their shoulders to their toes. However, this is not always feasible while riding. Instead, many companies have concentrated on making biker jackets that hit just below the hips, keep the tops of the rider’s legs warm, and still providing sufficient protection to the midriff with the reinforced leather.

Black biker jackets for women are much more common than some may realize. As such, companies are beginning to step a bit outside of the box to allow women to show off their fashionista side – most notably with the bright colors and unique patterns imprinted on to the leather. At the same time, some of the most popular biker jackets for women are the tried and true classic black leather design. Keeping that in mind, it will not stop some women from trying out the bold and bright colors for this next season.