Full time bikers take both their motorcycles, and their Armored Biker Jackets outfits, quite seriously. One of the main reasons for this overwhelming seriousness is not only their desire to look like a biker, but also because the outfits they wear are designed for both safety and fashion.

As we all know, bikers tend to wear leather jackets and leather pants – mainly because the leather offers more protection against the metal of the motorcycle and in case of the unthinkable, any type of accident.

Sure, we have all seen the young motorcyclist riding down the highway in a T-Shirt and shorts, but it’s a guaranteed fact that those motorcyclists whom are wearing leather outfits tend to have fewer scrapes and bruises in a wreck than those who do not.

Understanding armored Biker Jackets outfits

Armored Biker Jackets outfits tend to be the most commonly worn by motorcyclists because of their increased density. Manufacturers of armored motorcycle jackets are aware that bikers are at a much higher risk of injury while riding from one place to another.

This can include anything from the flying debris from a construction truck, or the bugs splatting onto them at highway speeds. Either way, armored biker jackets are not something bikers will take lightly as the type of jacket they purchase just might help save their life one day.

For the most part, armored motorcycle jackets do not necessarily mean that they have actual armor sewn. They do have a greater thickness than typical leather jackets.

For example, armored Biker Jackets outfits will have extra padding on the front and back of the jacket, but the arms may be the same thickness as other jackets. One of the main reasons for this practice is that the core of a person’s body is typically more important than the arms.

On the other hand, there are certain armored motorcycle jackets that do come with actual armored vests. These vests are usually created from a hard-plastic material that can either be attached to a leather jacket or placed on top of a leather jacket.

Why armored vest for biking

These armored vests allow for additional protection, but once again concentrate on the front and back of a person rather than the arms. As said above, there are many vital organs within a person’s core, but one can learn to survive without an arm.

As morbid as this may sound, it is one of the main reasons we have armored vests to be used in conjunction with armored motorcycle jackets. However, there are a select few styles that allow overly cautious motorcyclists to have every inch of theme covered by armored protection – including arms, hands, and even their legs.

Why armored jacket over a leather jacket

While knowing the different options of armored motorcycle jackets available is excellent information, one may wonder why someone would choose an armored jacket over a leather jacket. Armored motorcycle jackets can be bulky and will get quite warm during the summer months – but the benefits and protection provided greatly outweighs the slight discomfort one may experience when wearing an armored motorcycle jacket. Furthermore, when driving high speeds down the highway, motorcyclists want to feel protected not only from the risk of accidents but also from the harsh winds that many do not feel at those speeds.