website redesign goes a long way in strengthening the brand image of your company or organization. In fact, not only does a business at its inception need to invest in creating a new website that embodies all its core values, it is equally important to ensure that your existing website does not become stagnant, and this is where the importance of website redesigning comes in. Even though there is no defined time period within which you need to revamp your online presence, it is best that your decision be backed by proper planning and research.

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Setting a Vision

Your need to have your website redesigned could be attributed to one particular need, or a combination of several requirements. Some of them could be as follows:-

  • For better generation and conversion of leads
  • To showcase the changing nature or expansion of your business, or any new offerings
  • To remain at par with the latest SEO requirements
  • Improvement of aesthetic appeal, navigation, content layout and so on
  • For making your existing website responsive
  • To attain scalability in the wake of ever-changing technology
  • To differentiate your website from those of your competitors
  • For better Call to Action Tabs that would trigger sales

Once you have a clear vision of what you exactly want, you can proceed to set realistic goals, and thereon, the path ahead becomes much more simplified.

Website Analysis

Irrespective of the fact whether you opt to hire a freelance designer or avail the services of a Web Design Agency, always have a proper website audit conducted, wherein you take into account all the relevant site analytics and traffic statistics. Many a times, these figures prove to be eye openers as far as your website redesign objectives are concerned, in terms of deciding which components need to be completely replaced, modified or retained as they are in their current state. For instance, if your lead conversion rate is fairly high, you might not want to tamper with your Call to Action Tabs, as your end-users who are habituated to them might get confused.

Competition Analysis

Apart from auditing your own website, it is equally important to review the websites of your competitors before embarking on a website redesign project. Analyzing your competitor websites will reveal the latest technology and trends in your industry, and also help you gain a differential edge over your competitors.If you are a website redisign for yout home improvement you need also to know the keywords used.

Experience above Appearance

Visual Appeal is certainly a brownie point as far as your website redesigning is concerned.Primary focus should always be laid on improving overall user experience and providing a better interface. Always ensure that the web design agency that you opt for has this priority in place before assigning them the project.

The Aspect of Scalability

Scalability is probably the most talked-about term in web designing today, and many of us tend to correlate it with responsive web design, while the fact is that it denotes much more. The investment that goes towards website redesigning can only be justified if the changes are in sync with the latest technology, and has the ability to adapt to future web trends as well.

Smooth Transition

If your website redesign project includes drastic changes or is representative of the rebranding phase of your business, it is suggested that you make the transition as smooth and seamless as possible for your end-users so that they are not taken aback by any sudden changes. Very often, businesses adapt the practice of linking website redesigning with an intensive marketing campaign in order to generate a good amount of publicity and buzz that triggers sales. Whatever be the type of redesign you opt for, always remember that the redesigned website should be better suited to help your end-users as compared to the previous version in all respects- functionality, aesthetics and the overall transition phase.