Bikes are becoming more popular by the day thus bike tracking technology needs to be adopted. It could be as a result of the current unbearable matatu fares or for the health benefits they provide as biking is a great exercise. Bikes for recreational purposes are another upcoming trend. Reserves and parks like Hell’s Gate National Park have started hiring out bikes, guides and bike routes for tourists who would like to take in the majestic sceneries it offers. However, statistics on bike theft indicate that close to 380,000 bikes are stolen each year.

This basically means that a bike is stolen every 90 seconds. Bicycle theft has become so common that it has seized being treated as a crime but ironically more of a cost of living that one has to incur. With no reliable laws to curb this ‘urban life cost’ technology has come to the rescue. While technology has seen the invention of some of the best android biker applications, it has also introduced bicycle tracking technology that uses smartphone security systems.

Curbing Bike Theft

 Available in the market are anti-theft gadgets and devices that monitor a bicycle’s location using a mere smartphone. These systems send a signal to the owner in case their bike is stolen or moved from a certain designated area. GPS technology is used to track the location of the bike and in turn, sends this information to the owner’s Android or iOS mobile phone. Modified devices give additional information and alert to the owner such as if their bike crashes.

There are various factors to consider when choosing the best tracker for your bike. One first needs to settle for the type of connectivity that they feel will work best for them, either NFC, WiFi, GSM Cellular or Bluetooth. Through app reviews available online, you can sample various tracking applications that can be compatible with your Android or iOS phone. These apps and devices come with different additional features both social and security. They may also come with additional charges. It is important to consider all these features and go for what works for you.

The Most Featured Bike Theft Solution: Sherlock

Sherlock is the most featured remedy for bike theft mainly because it incorporates both GPS and cellular connections. Additionally, in the chance of your bike being stolen, Sherlock is a very discrete device as unlike other devices, it is purposely made to be invisible. This device is usually hidden inside a bicycle’s handlebars where it can’t be easily accessed or seen by a thief. It is also a flexible device that can bend to fit in both straight and curved bike handlebars.

This device is usually connected to a cycling application compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. This feature makes it easy to track your bike’s location on an interactive map of the entire continent. In the case of a bike equipped with this device is moved without the consent of the owner, a notification is immediately sent to the owner’s mobile phone. A unique code can be shared with the authorities to enable tracking of the whereabouts of the stolen bike. Sherlock comes with an inbuilt battery that serves an entire two weeks before it needs recharging. Furthermore, the application’s interface is very straightforward and easy to use.

Spybike Lamp

This lamp is a GPS second generation tracker. The device is a covert GPS tracker disguised as and also functions as an LED light mounted at the back. Should your bike fall into the wrong hands, in a single click of a button you are able to locate it through the motion sensors hidden in this disguised rear lamp and its tracking technology. Improvements from time to time have been made on this device which continues to make it more reliable.


Spybike Seatpost

 This one is a clever device with a GPS tracking device hidden within the seatpost hollow tube made of aluminium. Detection of this device by a stranger is impossible as it is not connected with any wires. With the tracking technology incorporated in the motion sensor, one can easily locate the whereabouts of a stolen bike.

Bikes are the most common means of transportation in learning institutions. Bike theft is thus highest in these same learning institutions. Buying a new bike each time the former is stolen can be very expensive. Subscribing to a tracking system that assures the recovery of your bike if stolen can be a way cheaper option for you. GPS tracking technology keeps advancing with new technological innovations. If you are smart, try investing in any of the above bike tracking technology so as to keep your bike safe.