techology effects

Technology is a use of scientific knowledge of improving the way we do things. It has both positively and negatively impacted the family relationships in our society. However, the positive effects are far beyond the negative ones. This issue mostly concentrates on phones, internet, media, and other home security systems. The whole human life has been created a considerable measure of the comfort which technology is offering. It has become a part of our life to do work faster and accurate.

Technology Communication

The most significant impact on our family is communication. In the past few years phones have become very popular. Also, the use of emails which enables us to talk to each other was making families closer. With time instant massager has become faster and better. With messaging, one speaks directly to the respondent thus strengthening family relationship.  However, it is mostly affecting and changing the usual families’ relationships.

It has left us a chance to meet or hold family meetings in an easier way. It’s no longer so important to have a physical meeting to settle specific issues. People can create like WhatsApp groups where all matters pertaining to and concerning family issues can be settled. We are in that generation where communication with a friend or relative is all on the internet and done instantly.

Security systems

Another positive impact of technology is on home security systems. This enhances security in a given family home compound. The security system notifies the company and the police faster for them to get on time in the house and stop criminals. If someone is breaking in the house, this system turns on the lights thus scaring off the burglar. The aim of this system is ensuring the whole family and its belongings are safe.

Technology is creating a family divide

Technology has contributed isolation in current era families. There is lesser interaction with each other. Children no longer engage in activities with their parents and siblings. They usually spend their time with technology like a laptop, PSP, TV, games on the internet and so on. Rather than building up a positive relationship within the family, to some extent, these technologies are tearing families apart. The same technology has limited outdoor activities.  Most of the problems are a consequence of a lack of proper exercise and unhealthy eating habits. As family members are busy with their gadgets, they got no time for outdoor activities. This is seriously causing health issues regardless of age,

Technology is supposed to make life easier and offer people more free time. This is not the case here since; it has undermined family life and negatively affecting family life as well as wasting a lot of time. Parents can guide kids to enjoy life rightfully by weighing the pros and cons of technology. It has made life more comfortable since any information t anything is right on our fingerprints. The same technology brings about many benefits to the people of today.

There is no super productivity and efficiency in its absence. We should also compromise human values whenever we are enjoying it. Through these impacts, the interaction between families and friends is getting lesser and lesser but also easier and quicker.