The beauty industry has long been dominated by large enterprise though slowly popping up to change the industry. Consumers think this kind of change is really important to diversify the beauty industry. L’Oreal innovation Runaway (2017) researched extensively on beauty developments as well as the expansion of the market. The industry too has embraced the tech world gaining more experiences and meeting mentors entrepreneurs. This creates the best opportunity to integrate best ideas and explore on upcoming changes. The beauty routine has become the latest technology, thus more ways have been established as an approach towards the industry:

  1. Digitalized technology

Technologies in the beauty industry, such as healthcare’s units, are providing customers with educational products for skincare as well as safety advice. Currently, above 80% of beauty products sales is as a result of social media influence.  Beyond selling, technology also results in an easier way of identifying, satisfying and retaining customers in the industry. Marketplace such as Instagram with global links is doing well in this. Its evidence that the beauty industry is stepping up in meeting more demand than back in the early years. Through the internet of things, various devices too have been established which are more flexible. Some like cleansers and patches which measures exposures exist and also educates on necessary safeties. Through consultation, these technologies are capable of detecting and quantify changes in skin issues, visualize the results even after consumption. Obviously, technology is taking over the beauty industry

  1. New personalized products and beauty services.

An investment on beauty startups has risen within a few years. The industry is so much committed to coming up with personalized beauty products and services. Consumers are looking for things they can identify, thus working tirelessly to brand and expand into big markets. Definitely, they will work on beauty products which are extra in terms of performance and end results. But now since the beauty issues have been closer with the latest technology, new personalized ways to look good are increasing. Smart bracelets, watches, and other external outlooks are also being used to enhance consumers experience in the beauty industry. Through such influencers, manufacturing process remains the most visible through the creation of customized and personalized products. The demand of high-tech treatments at home is contributing to a range of electronic devices thus pushing industries to engage technology at the center of their core strategy.

  1. High demand for natural products.

Skincare growth in the near future is highly expected. Natural skin care beauty products and services are increasingly getting popular. Beauty industries are working hard to provide their customers with natural ingredients which got fewer side effects. They have also dominated in using packaging materials which are only biodegradables as well as recyclable.  Most consumers are more concerned with fruit-based products. It’s all about ensuring active ingredients reach the industry in the most natural way possible.

The long-standing relationship between the beauty industry and technology is the driving force behind impressive figures, fashion industries, and health fitness. This creates a link alliance between beauty and technology startups. However, the potential of technology and innovations in this industry is still at an early stage.I t’s the high time for beauty industries to put technology at the center of their undertakings. This will enable them to essentially grow to the utmost category’s progression