Making a choice of the best vibrators is the hardest thing. Amazon has however considered this issue thus categorizing the best options for female sex toys. Some of the best sex toys are:

Pixie vibrator

This is one of the best sex toys for females one can get. It’s a worthy amount which is cheap to get. While cheap means it can be less featured, this toy is more fixed with features. Its battery is rechargeable as well as water resistance. It has a travel case for safety. It contains dual tips that hug a female’s clitoris for pleasant pleasure.

Lelo Mia 2

Unlike other sex toys, this vibrator looks more like mascara or lip gross. Despite being an under the ladder appearance, this sex toy is super good in power and intensity. It has a flat side that offers pinpointed vibration settings. It has built in USB stick for easy charging. It’s naturally sweet and satisfactory.


This is the most super flexible sex toy.  It’s a red shaft with fine rosy can be bent in any way to stimulate desired has three distinct buttons enhancing simplicity and easiness while using. This contributes the flexibility of it during the masty time.


This is the perfect dream bullet vibrator. It’s small in size, simple and can be used in several ways. It is cheapest option in terms of price. It has three speeds and seven vibration patterns which is super quiet. Its super black vibes gives a lady orgasm.


This sex toy for women is a waterproof dual motor vibrator. It has a unique shape allowing different curves. It curves all the way, stimulating two parts, from vagina to clitoris. it has two independent motors to be turned on ensuring no awkward reach around.

Squish vibrator

This sex toy got five built in modes. Its rechargeable, waterproof, cheap, quiet and cute to boot. This intuitive vibrator gets stronger as it is squeezed harder. This makes the buttons of no use anyway.

Le wand petite

This is the newest, small and rechargeable can easily be packed thus travel friendly.  If it’s about preferences, then this should definitely be in your toy collection. This soft silicone head offers vibration, perfect for honing on clitoral orgasms.

Je Joue Mio

This penis ring is the best-selling in the market of sex toys. It’s made of stretchy silicone to feature most penises thus offering best vibration. It’s rechargeable so no need of being bothered with batteries. It has three intuitive controls so no need to memorize any special button routines for any turn on or off.

Lelo iris vibrator

Although it’s expensive, this sex toy is pretty to look at. It’s girly and good for masturbating. It has great rides with ridges which feel good in your vagina. It’s long and big at nine inches. Despite the size, it’s still quiet and operates on few different modes thus making sure one gets the best orgasm possible. The tip is curved for great clit stimulation. The fake vibe petal in it feels great too.  It’s rechargeable; in short it’s the best sex toy for internal stimulation.