Car desks are a great way of getting work done while on the move. Having a sturdy surface to work from makes everything note taking to lunches on the run go smoother. Here’s our pick of the best car desks out there right now

Of course, working from your car is rarely ideal. Space is frequently limited and, well, who wants to be working so hard that even time spent in a parking lot needs to be used wisely? Still, for many of us, it’s a necessary part of the working day. Whether you’re a businessperson regularly on the road between meetings, or a truck driver who wants some more comfortable downtime between stops, there’s a car desk for you. Just make e you use them safely and responsibly. Here are some of our favourites.

Cutequeen Steering Wheel Desk ($12)

The Cutequeen Steering Wheel Desk is the cheapest of the bunch here, but that’s no bad thing. It might lack extensive features but it gets the job done and it’s easy to store and use. Simply slot it underneath your steering wheel and the desk stays firm for whatever you want to do with it. It’s a great flat surface for placing your laptop or tablet on, but it also works just as well for eating your lunch from, or writing on a notepad—and it even has a handy groove to put your pen in so you’re not forever reaching under the seat to retrieve it.

The desk is two sided, the side seen here is the desk/laptop side but you can flip it over and there’s a ring to put a drink in and a depressed area to hold your food (and contain any spills). It’s lightweight and a good shape for tossing into the rear seat pocket when you’re done, without it taking up too much room. If you’re on a budget or not sure if a car desk is for you, this is a great starting point.

AutoExec RoadMaster Car Desk ($200)

For the regular car worker, the AutoExec RoadMaster Car Desk is the ultimate solution. It’s designed to fit snugly on your passenger seat, attaching via your vehicle’s seatbelt, converting the area into your own portable office setup.

On the surface, the desk offers a large working area where you can mount and securely fit your laptop. It’s fastened using a velcro-based adjustable steel mounting plate that can be moved forwards or backwards to ensure you have a comfortable typing position. Underneath is a hidden storage space where your valuables can be stored safely while, to the side, is an area for storing physical files and documents in an easy to reach place.

Zonstyle Multi-Functional Car Desk Mount ($19)

Taking a slightly different approach, the Zonstyle Multi-Functional Car Desk Mount offers clips for placing your tray/desk on top of the steering wheel rather than underneath it. It looks tricky but it’s actually very easy to slot on. Even better, that also means the same principle can be applied when attaching it to the back of the car seat, giving you a car desk in the back of your car if you so wish.

The desk offers two sides. One side is designed for your laptop, with a pullout section allowing you to place a separate mouse, coffee cup, or notes next to it. The other side works as a food tray with a drinks holder ensuring your drink won’t slide off any time soon. It’s a little flimsy looking but its lightweight design means it’s easy enough to store in the back seat pocket or trunk.

Wheeldesk Contractor Size Pickup & Car Desk ($50)

The Wheeldesk Pickup & Car Desk looks like a hunk cut right out of a regular desk that slots onto the top of your steering wheel. Four different sizes are available but we’re focusing on the biggest size as it’s perfect if you’re dealing with a large plans or maps.

Impressively, it’s strong enough to hold a 39lb concrete block, not that we’d recommend you try (and we’re confident your poor steering wheel would prefer you skip the experiment). The desk is placed at a steep incline which makes it great for placing your laptop ergonomically but not so great if you want to eat your lunch off it, or place a concrete block for storage. Besides the flat surface, it also includes key holder holes and pencil slots on the side to keep relevant items from rolling off the desk. For the car worker that needs plenty of space, it’s a good solution.

Car Desk Mobile Workstation ($21)

The Car Desk Mobile Workstation is a fairly discreet solution that’s great if your car isn’t the biggest of vehicles. It wedges between the front seats of your car and the console, as seen above. An anti-skid surface keeps your possessions safe from the risk of sliding around. Also, there’s a removable clipboard that slides on or off easily, giving you some extra room to write or place your lunch or phone down. This isn’t really a desk for storing your laptop though, given its size.

Where the desk gets more versatile is its ability to transform into a drinks holder or coin holder any time you’re not using it. If you’re short on space but still want to keep your vehicle organized, this is a worthwhile addition to your car if you need a flat surface every once in a while.