Advancement in technology is the core trend in long term objectives in tomorrow’s fashion. Fashion is drastically evolving due to emergence of new and old materials. Fashions trends tend to arise n go where people now are left with no choice. No adherence to trends either. Customers are just choosing from whichever era they want provided it’s simply the best.it is through technology where we predict how fashion will be uniform across countries. People will probably pick whatever they want from regional styles regardless of the country. There are certain ways how technology is contributing in the fashion industry:

1. Protection as function

This includes the clothes which enhances safety in case there is occurrence of danger. There have been neck wears, head wears and helmets which are inflated with airbags acting as shock absorbers. Mostly they are used by cyclists while biking to help maintain safe.

2. Recycling in fashion gallery

At times materials becomes hard to be sustained. This is where the need to recycle existing fabrics becomes important. For example how manufactures recycle bicycle tubes to style leather like jackets.  As much as resources are becoming scarce it will be ingenuity of such industries changing the fashion’s face.

3. Disability friendly fashion

In near future, many human disabilities can be managed by our clothing where most designers are heading for example “feel the time” watch, a comprehensive braille watch which allows visually impaired persons stay on schedule. Also a special thimble has been invented in fashion industry. It’s a tool for visually impaired personnel turning information around them to feedback display upon them.

4. Kinetic energy in fashion

Whenever we make a movement, either running or dancing, the moves can be converted into electrical energy. Inventors are using clothing to capture kinetic energy, then using it to power mobile phones and even watches. Technology isn’t necessarily new though its making its clean way into fashion more consistently.

5. Solar power fashion-

Solar energy is captured once the surface meets the sun. Human body thus makes no difference. A fashion designer focuses on this growing technology in tomorrow’s world of fashion. Solar powered accessories are delivering a striking fashion today.

6.3D Modified fashion

3D technology has already made its way in the fashion world. Bikinis to shoes have gone under the 3D printer like known wedges. They are gorgeous, faceted shoes curved through this printer. This captures a lot of technology trend to be driven in tomorrow’s face of fashion.

7. Digitization

Digital platforms also are used to gather information. This includes upcoming trends in fashion, experiences exchange and price comparison. This sharpens innovators mode of coming up with solutions of our tomorrow’s world in fashion industry.

8. Illuminated fashion

A designer Wei-Chieh built a laser suit containing multiple rows across wearers back. It can only be visible in smoky environments thus meant for night clubs. Light is the primary element in this technology. It only reflects females sparkle in her flattering illuminated gown.

9. Global local brand management

This effectively exports lifestyle around the world. It can only be adopted in near future if customers in the developed countries get oriented as role models.

10 New shopping experiences

This is an existing economic pressure on stores nowadays. High competitions, profit margins and sales are decreasing out of the internet thing.

Generally in many companies, above technologies are not just descriptions of tomorrow’s fashion but a current trending reality.