downloadWhen you have a group of individual parts working together to make a mechanism, we call this a system. Likewise it can be a set of procedures or algorithms working together to make accomplish a particular task. When these procedure, algorithms are designed in order for them to function together and complete the task.We call this the system architecture.
There are several types of Systems architecture available based on software and Hardware. These system architectures can either be simple in nature to complete simple tasks or complex in nature to complete difficult bigger tasks. The complex system architectures require planning and accuracy in order to achieve the complex task before.

Advanced Systems Architecture review

Software Systems Architecture is the act of designing and developing software systems. When going through the advanced systems architecture on software development there are key items to put into consideration.

  • Quality: We look at the quality of the software that is to be designed and how the architecture is going to be a success. A documentation of all the features that make a software be of quality are defined at this stage
  • Architecture Creation: After defining the quality it is in order to outline the principles to be used in the design, plan the design. Actually develop the system using the design principles. At this moment it is critical to ensure the requirements of quality are met.
  • Evaluate the Systems Architecture: After the development is complete, you evaluate to ensure the design principles were actually met and the quality conforms to what you had in the quality charter. It is here that you ensure the software has attained its deliverable

The procedure also falls in place when considering a Systems Architecture that involves hardware. The only difference in this case is that we will not be talking about developing but rather we will be talking about inter connectivity of parts. An example will be how servers are linked together in order for them to work together to provide the best possible solution to support the software. The architecture could involve a router connected to a switch which is then connected to the server and also to the network.


System Architecture is a complex process and requires careful planning from the initial stage. Any mistake in the initial stage will trickle down to the end result. For this reason it is advised to get professionals to design and implement your Systems Architecture for best performance.