Smart jewelry includes wearable that enhances looks on women. New pieces of intelligent jewelry have been made, and the industry is proud of that.  While looking for the best jewelry, one should consider style, functionality, versatility of it to determine which ones are worth. Fitness features existing should also be tested out.  The smart jewelry trend is up where all pieces can be acquired according to personal specifications. Despite the added features of fitness for tracking systems, other categories of rings, bracelets, necklaces are connected. Some of which discussed are:

Our ring

These are the leader in the smart jewelry space.  It has been used long looking absolutely classic and mostly analyses sleep and tracking functions. It works by measuring heart rate, variability as well as pulse amplitude throughout the night. It makes the gorgeous wearable.  It contains new features like the ability to monitor resting heart rate, and body temperatures. If you are into rings, they have stunning smart bracelets named Aries. It offers the same functionality of smart rings. The wearer can customize notification vibrations as well as track fitness metrics. This ring comes in different styles suiting all tastes.


This smart jewelry records voice memos, translates them into texts and then organizes them into an app. Its worn either as a necklace or a bracelet according to personal likes. No much technology has been discovered in it though.  Senstone is termed and recommended as the best, real and ideal smart jewelry


This is a bright unisex ring. The silver provides fitness tracking from the figure. Their impressive feature is that it got an optical heart rate sensor. It tracks steps, distance, and sleep.

Kate Spade bangle tracker

This smart jewelry, mostly runs out of stock, due to high demands, and regular due refreshments. It’s available in three styles which feature mother of pearl, scallop detailing and “seize the day” inscription.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban

This smart jewelry contains a bunch of lifestyle tracking options. It’s beautiful and the favorite piece of fashionable jewelry.  It records wearers breathing patterns thus monitoring levels of stress. The device in this bangle can track women menstrual cycles and offer advice during periods ovulation. Presence of companion app input also tells how prepared one is to deal with stress in daily activities.  The leaf can be worn as a necklace on the chain, as a bracelet, or as a clip onto clothing.  It accommodates a variety of styles thus recommended as a best smart jewelry.

Smart jewelry industry pretends women don’t like intelligent watches as part of jewelry. There is an Apple watch which comes in a variety of styles to fit all sizes of wrists. It can be chosen from a wide range of smart brand especially the metal one. It doesn’t just look good but also functions and runs the best software on any smartwatch. A lot of wearables nowadays look terrible in women. This brings about the innovation of new magnificent pieces of stylish jewelry.  It’s judged based on them; the number of apps it supports, easiness of setting notifications, it looks when fitted in and whether they prove helpful.