If you love watching movies, you have undoubtedly noticed the rising popularity of highly advanced robot characters. I mean, you have Ex machina, star trek, Robocop, Avengers age of Ultron, and the list goes on. If you are wondering what all that buzz is about, or are interested in understanding robots that function like humans, for example minimize Dark Matter’s android, this is the article for you. Intelligence has for a long period of time been associated with the human brain. Artificial intelligence comes in as a new frontier with intelligence now emanating from the machines themselves. This allows them to work autonomously and to make decisions independently.

Its advancement has created a new outlook of how things are done in different fields that include: health, businesses, education and manufacturing. The predicted 300% increase in investments by research companies as of 2017, goes to show how Artificial intelligence continues to grow in importance. These investments have enabled further study and research in the field and consequently outstanding developments. Some of these developments, that are continuously making the artificial intelligence dream a reality, include:

Natural Language Processing
Natural language processing involves the conversion of human language to a language that computer understands. Its main purpose is to enhance communication between machines and humans. This technology is already in application in fields such as spam detection in email. Organizations with hotlines also apply this technology, with a ladylike voice giving directions on the other side of the line on how to proceed.
The technology can also be utilized by companies to generate reports of its market summary. This helps them know how to budget and market themselves so as to attract more customers.

Machine Learning
This involves applying scientific principles to develop intelligent machines. Machine learning allows machines make decisions, perform tasks and also improve their technology devoid of human interference. This is the technology that has enabled development of self-driving cars and automatic braking systems. The very same technology has also been helpful in the medical field. Scientists are now able to make machines that can make diagnosis accurately and faster. It is without a doubt that machines are more accurate compared to humans. Artificial intelligence in this particular aspect of machine learning ensures medical cases are handled with expediency.

Biometrics Technology
Biometrics is innovative technology that involves the use of body part as access codes to a particular system. The parts commonly used are fingerprints, facial patterns and retinal patterns. These body parts being unique to everyone minimize the chances for breaches. With advanced technology being used hackers, passwords and patterns can no longer guarantee security for ones saved files, valuable possessions or even money. Thankfully, Biometrics swooped in to the save the day. This technology is also gaining prominence among phone manufacturers. Over 80% of new phone models are fitted with fingerprint unlocking features. Biometrics has also been applied in election process. Countries are nowadays adopting biometric voter identification techniques to minimise election fraud.

Robotics Process Automation
This technology involves development of robots with an ability to mimic how humans do work. The main reason for robotics development is to be able to use robots to perform hard or life threatening tasks to humans. An example is is calls.development of bomb disarmament robots. This has eliminated the element of risk in case of any accidents during disarmaments.
Robots have also been useful to businesses that involve a lot of repetitive tasks for example, the answering of queries on emails and websites that are usually characterized by a lot of repetitions. This bit of artificial intelligence technology is already at a very advanced stage and the creation of Sophia the robot, can back it up. Sophia the robot is so advanced that it converses with human beings normally, and amazingly even displays a sense of humor.

Speech Recognition
Speech recognition technology involves conversion of sound to to texts that are displayed on the screen. This technology has been widely used in the phone industry. You no longer need to go through the hustle of typing google searches, just speak it out. The same case applies to text messages and phone calls . One only need to say the unlock word, for example, “Okay Google “ followed by a command on what you want typed or who you want to be called and voila the phone will comply.

Developments in artificial intelligence may at times have negative impacts such as loss jobs due to automation. However, these developments must continue since the advantages that come with the territory are more compared to its drawbacks. Technology gives a sense of certainty, accuracy and precision that can never be matched by humans. With its applications cutting across all fields, from modern medicine to security, the future sure does look bright.