Many people today are struggling of being overweight. The main reason behind obesity is that people love eating more than they burn hence gaining weight, while very few people do exercises today. In some cases, obesity is brought by various natural factors like hormones and genetics.

Main causes of obesity

Until reality hits you, everyone will continue to eat sugary food without realizing that it’s the fastest food that is making many people obese. Any foods that contain much sugar that is not from natural food will increase weight. Today there are so many processed foods in the market which have the different chemical added . The food is canned or boxed and is very convenience to anyone who needs quick food, due to their chemicals for preservation we end up eating chemicals. Obesity level will increase daily due to consumption of sugary beverages and foods.

Food Availability

Everyone is busy trying to save a minute so as to get money and end up not cooking food but buying food which is available. On the other side, there are so many foods which are good waiting to be eaten and especially junk food. The price of junk food is lower than a tradition food or any food making junk food to be affordable and the most convenient food to many people. With daily food habit of eating junk and sugary food, we are encouraging diabetic, obesity and other diseases to our body.

Super food choices that should never miss in your diet


As the name suggests super food contain nutrients and fiber that helps in body building. The best food to eat is any foods that contain fiber and complex carbohydrates. They will keep you energized for long as they do not contain any sugar. Oats is known to have low cholesterol in it.


Today people will go for junk food to kale this is due to misinformation. Never underrate kale, as they contain vitamins, minerals iron and magnesium. Kale can also be eaten when raw in the salad and its very natural.


Any fruits are very rich in vitamin E and will keep blood glucose level stable in the body. All fruits are equality important as each type of fruit has a different vitamin that another fruit doesn’t have. Always include a fruit after or before your meal.

Top rated supplement recommended by Nutritionists


Multi vitamin is rich in minerals and vitamins which give back support. While it’s important to eat healthy food rich in all vitamin and nutrients multi-vitamin is equality important in life. It’s excellent for women who are pregnant as it has a good dosage for multivitamin when served.

Vitamin D

This vitamin mostly helps in bone formation and proper production of testosterone in the body. Direct sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, and also it can be found some foods.

Fish oil

Fish mostly associated with omega three fatty acids which mostly helps in boosting insulin sensitivity, heart diseases and gives strengths to your immune system, especially to young kids.

Key points to consider avoiding obesity

Exercise is vital. Due to our lifestyle, today exercise is a thing of the past as vehicles have come to ease our life. It’s necessary to walk around and have a feel of natural as you relax your muscles from sitting all day at work. Walking is enough exercise for a day to make your immune system relaxed. Once in a while it useful to attend the running that happens in different months of the year for refreshment and fun this helps a lot.
Have a whole time for relaxing. Television is the main thing which is known for relaxing, and this will contribute to gain weight very fast compared to a kid who is playing outside. The child should be encouraged to play around rather than just watching TV.