Every year we celebrate Easter holiday but do you really know what Easter is? Or how it came to be called Easter?  What really determines Easter weekend in most years is the day when there will be a full moon after equinox?  Equinox refers to the time of the year when the sun is said to be directly facing the earth center (equator).At this time of year both night and day are equal in most parts of the world .Due to the irregular nature of the moon rotation full moon normally occur in March or April and this explain why Easter dates rotates in only those two months of the year. Easter is commemorating the crucification, death and resurrection of Jesus.

How Easter came too been

In the Old Testament there was an annual Jewish feast to celebrate the liberation of Israelites from slavery Egypt. Jesus Christ was crucified on the Jewish Passover and this make all the Christian from different denomination to celebrate the Jewish Passover. Christian celebrates the Passover feast as Easter festive season. This is the resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the main reason why Christian always celebrates Easter every year.

Facts for Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

Being the first holiday celebration at the beginning of the year,, it’s not cheerfully celebrated as other holidays like Christmas . In my opinion I would suppose it’s due to the violent event recorded about Good Friday that precedes the three days. On Good Friday this is the day we remember Jesus suffered and died for the sake of our sins.

It’s the most solemn day of the calendar of a Christian life. When Jesus had had his last supper with the disciples he was later condemned, arrested and died on that Friday hence the name Good Friday. According to the gospel on the third day he rose from the dead. This is not just a historical event that happened a long time ago but also to the Christians it was to help them in their journey of Christianity.

Why Christian should celebrate Easter holiday

Easter is a moment where Christians are renewed their strength. The message of resurrection is ever new each and every year and it gives Christian a new faith to continue trusting and believing in God.

Easter is the time to celebrate that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sin. In the 21th century we see that Easter has lost its true meaning which was set from the beginning. Celebrations are fine but we should remember that Easter is a moment to bring our relationship with God closer.