Lots of information is said about mobo genie, and most people don’t know what it is some say it’s a virus while others see it as an earlier application. This article will help you know what mobo genie is. Mobogenie is absurd software which helps one in backing up information and also performing several tasks to your computer or phone. Although there are so many applications which are in the market today, mobo genie still has several incredible functions that are helpful. Here are several awesome things about mobo genie.

Its development and support are great

Unlike another app, mobo genie has very significant development and support which makes it not to be obsolete. The app can help download of music and video. Most of the phone can installed mobo genie application this is because it was developed to be compatible with most of the windows and android phone. The main thing is that you are always supposed to keep the application updated to give you odexcellent services.

Easily moved to external storage

This app transferred to any external storage with the use of USB. When connected it gives you access to anything you want to do on your device. One can see how space is used in your device and in case you want to manage your files it makes so easy. Mobogenie allows restoring and backing up your device any time your device need. Contact, pictures, and other files can be transferred to the external storage using the mobo genie application. These are done through pairing computer with your USB then pull up all the information you want to where you want maybe hard disk, phone, and others.

Store to cloud

Information which is stored in the cloud is managed, maintained and can be accessed from anywhere. When using mobo genie you can save any file to the cloud easily. These will enhance the accessibility of the archive through an internet connection and also help in saving space.

 Easily backup

When you don’t update the application to a new upgrade, you don’t enjoy the services the application has as you are outdated. Internet connection is very essential while backing up application mobo genie automatically updates itself whenever need to arise. Its feature are important as they speed boost your device, help download an app and other like video, ringtones, and wallpaper amongst others.