Christ has risen! This is the season we celebrate that Christ has conquered death and reigns with the father for eternity. This is only to a believer as we have so many faiths in the world. Through his passion, Death, and resurrection we are immersed into Christ’s paschal mystery. Every year we celebrate the Easter gospel that bring us face to face with the mystery of Christ’s resurrection so as we the disciple of today may move from unbelief to belief to declare our love of Christ and recommit ourselves to sharing this love to everyone in the world.

Why do Christian celebrate lent and is its significant

Lent is the period before Easter in a Christian calendar and it normally takes 40days. The beginning of this season is known as the Ash Wednesday which initiates the forty days before Easter celebrations. In this season Christians are meant to reflect and prepare for the celebrations of Easter. Mostly the Catholics and other denomination like Methodist, Anglican, and Presbyterian observe the lent season which  involves  fasting, praying and reconciling with the lord in the holy week. In this time Christians restrain themselves from the things they love doing such as watching TV, smoking, and even eating meat on Friday the main goal of all this is to seek the face of the lord and strengthen their faith in Christ.

Palm Sunday

This is the time when Jesus and his disciples were travelling to Jerusalem knowing that his journey would end in sacrificial death on the cross for the sins of man. Before entering the city Jesus sent the two disciples to look for unbroken colt they brought it and placed their cloaks on its back as Jesus sat on the young donkey. He slowly made his entrance into Jerusalem as the people greeted Jesus, waving palm branches and covering the path with palm branches. The palm branches symbolized the victory and goodness of Jesus Christ. The celebration spread throughout the city and even today the message is still the same as they recognized Jesus as the messiah. After the celebration Jesus began his journey to the cross.

Reflection of this season

Through Christ we no longer need to despair as we have all we need to overcome the challenges and temptation of life. When we come to the end of Easter season we should remember we were promised the Holy Spirit who will be our helper, teacher and remind us of all we have learned from our lord. Christ’s risen life has the power to change the world hence we must carry this life through our daily living.