Our lives have been revolutionized through the internet of things.  It has explored from online shopping to finding information and socializing which has led to a huge crime rate. The rise of technology hence has made it more convenient for us to keep in to be organized. However, this same technology has a significant impact on the crime rate.

This helps to facilitate criminal activity at different levels. Through research, crimes are organized due to the easy access to technology by criminals. This issue is globally spread and pervasive. It’s a fundamental threat to national security, as polices are turning to more advanced tech to enhance the disruption of criminal activities. Some of the ways this technology is affecting crime rate include:

Fraud cases and online technology

Fraud offenses are becoming more widespread. It’s all through organized criminal gangs and tech pros individuals. Along the usual online crimes includes identity fraud and cyber theft. This is accompanied by scams that deceive innocent users into providing credit card details or even transferring some amounts of money. This unlimited access to the internet makes it easier for criminals to target innocent and potential victims all over the world. The online technology makes it easier for criminals to access bank details and personal information.  There are bank hacking, bank robberies, skimming on ATMs as well as point of sale devices at the checkout.

Money laundering crimes

Most currencies don’t fall within the scope of current anti-money laundering legislation. This contributes to criminals having an easy task to do business in this field just anywhere in the world. This crime business can be undertaken online which of advanced technology. Money can be transferred all over the world hiding the proceeds of that crime activity putting that online company legitimize the earnings. A mostly criminal target the gambling sites to launder money. It is as a result of the increased popularity of currencies systems such as Bitcoin which makes it difficult for polices to track and prevent such a process.

Import and exports of illegal products

The tech system of money transfer online is also an impact of technology on crime rates. For example, illicit drugs or just any illicit transfer business. Offenders can order and pay for the package online and deliver direct to the right recipient. This favors the drug traders in their regular operation. With such, it’s more difficult for polices catch such criminals due to the online completion of such a transaction.

Just to mention a few, the increase in crime rate has been made easier by technology in such number at various different levels. This has an impact in the worldwide economy, as well as on the lives of victims. Unlike most of the law enforcement agencies, crime groups have no boarders. They are capable of operating their plans in a number of different countries. So for the responsible agencies here comes their high time to operate across jurisdictions but only through cooperation with their global partners. Even if this could be the solution, it is extremely difficult for police officers to work effectively in collaboration of international crime organizations.



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