Use of sex toys is getting hot day in day out. These couples sex toys can add a lot of your sex life, but on the other hand, it cannot save your relationship. The fact is using sex toys in a relationship indicates there is more open communication in the relationship.

This leads to better understanding and a stronger relationship in the long run. In the past few years, the use of sex toys was stigmatized. Together with other enhancements, this action seemed to be still uncomfortable to be used to enhance the sexual experience.

Men with sex toys

Through research results, the prevalence of vibrator use by Michael Reece focused on heterosexual men. It indicated that men using sex toys with their partners never give sex satisfaction, unlike others who don’t. Using a vibrator as a sex introduction is way too lower, to begin with. There is also a belief that relationships using these toys aren’t good enough lovers in real sense. Even one of the lovers might think the use of sex toy will replace them or become overly reliant on them for orgasm. On the positive side, men using vibrators score higher on cases of erectile function. Also, their orgasm function, sexual desire is rated higher.  Their sexual satisfaction is also reasonable compared to men who have never reached for a sex toy.

Women with sex toys

On the other hand, these sex toys are so prevalent in the life of women, individually or in a relationship. Mostly, woman having sex with other women reports having dealt with these sex toys. Such women in a relationship have an uptick in their sexual satisfaction history. A sex toy woman significantly has less difficulty with pain, unlike any other woman who has no idea of such kind of vibrators.

In general, couples who are so explored in these different kinds of sex enhancers, tend to fare better. In addition to sex satisfaction, they are useful in maintaining passion and desire over a long period. Most of the well-doing relationships has confessed that sex toys are one of the consequences. They usually use them together and also add other activities like taking a shower together, trying new positions in bed. Some even have scheduled dates just meant to have good sex.

However, sex toys at times end up enhancing a relationship or else leading to conflict. Though all these depend on the nature of openness and communication between partners. The more positively individuals in relationships interact with their spouses; the higher their bond towards one another in terms of satisfaction is rated. This case is meant in both cases whether in the bedroom or outside.

In the context of sex toys, positive talks between spouses can push either partner feeling threatened to open up. It can be about their concerns, feel validated or heard or even receive reassurance from their partners. They need to understand that the desire to use a sex toy is a no way message about their manhood, disability or either way sexual ability. Also, a partner willing to use a sex toy should communicate that desire without shame, or otherwise get pulled from it. One needs to ensure that both of the partners in the relationship are on the same page when it comes to adapting this. Extra care and storage of them should be provided for good purposes.