Healthy foods which should never be left out in any meal are fruits and vegetables. Fruits are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals as they help in preventing vitamin A and C deficiencies. Also they help in reducing chronic diseases. To our kids’ nutrition is a very key thing especially when they are growing. As they require protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fat and minerals in the right amount. Today kids who love fruits are very few or maybe none this is because the parents love sugary food which we have also introduced to our children. Its important to known that health problem today are mainly due to the sweet food which we are eating.

healthy foods such as watermelon
Healthy foods for your desert

They improve nutrition, vegetable and fruits contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds. The primary important of this is that they are rich in the immune system and in particular for children being one of the Healthy foods. Health problem is managed by eating healthy foods rich in high fiber but low calories and fats, this helps decrease obesity to anyone. Today cases of obesity have highly increased because people like sugary food and most of them do not have fiber in them.

Healthy foods for Better Digestion

They help in digestion. Did you know that high fiber foods help in digestion system? Food such as peas, plums, beans, and vegetable can help reduce constipation as they contain high fiber. The primary important of fiber in the body it absorbs water and expands which triggers normal movement of bowel and relieves constipation. Fruits and vegetables have low in calories and fat, and they tend to be filling.

It helps kid to perform well, in a study conducted shows that fruits and vegetable give a better performance at school. As we all know proper nutrition will avoid health issue hence giving a better concentration at school for kids.

Weight reduction

Fruits and vegetable help reduce weight and also prevention of diseases. When one needs to manage weight vegetable and fruits are the fastest food to help one reduce weight. These is because they have little calories compared to other type of foods. These are best substitutes for different recipes as filling up on this diet help in maintenance or weight loss. Diseases such as stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases can be reduced by eating lots of vegetable and fruits. Fruits such as banana are known to reduce blood pressure, decrease bone loss and prevent kidney stone development.

 What you need to consider while looking for healthy foods

Some vegetable and fruits contain fiber; nutritionists will seek always advice to eat food rich in fiber as they help fight diseases in the body and regulate blood sugar. Diet rich in fiber helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Some fruits help one to be hydrated such as watermelon. This fruit is nutritious and keeps one be hydrated. It’s important to always to take a fruit on daily bases as it helps you absorb some nutrient.

Most vegetable much is cooked. Some people argue that vegetable should not be cooked, but it’s recommendable to be careful on how to cook vegetable as heat will always destroy some nutrient while some are better absorbed after the kitchen. Avoid overcooking the vegetable to ensure you get the best from your healthy foods.