This can be defined as an electronic document that simply has a signature on it. Contemporary documents required that you had to print out a document and then have it literary printed by the concerned persons. More often than not if it is to be resent by mail, you would have to scan it and then send it again. This process has been termed obsolete by the introduction of electronic signatures. Electronic signatures are basically signatures that do not require physical signatures, printing of documents to sign and scanning.

Apps Available in the market

There are several apps in the market today that allow for Electronic Signatures. The most used globally today is Adobe Reader which has an add-on that allows for Electronic Signatures to be applied to documents though this add-on is installed at a fee from the website.
Adobe Reader used for Electronic Signatures payments.
Once this add-on is installed on the original Adobe Pdf application, there is an automatic menu that allows for inserting an electronic signature on the document. There are several ways of inserting this Electronic Signature which includes:-
Typing the Signature: Here what happens is that the user types in the name and Adobe generates a signature based on the name typed. More often than not, this is not the best practice as not everybody uses their names as a signature. In such cases, the signature generate will not be the true Electronic signature of the user.
Webcam: This allows you to sign on a physical paper and then using the web camera you can capture the shape and use it on the document in Adobe.
Mouse: You can use the mouse to draw your signature. In some smartphones and tablets, you can use a stylus to sign on the document. This normally is a good way of capturing the Electronic Signature though it is not always the best as it is not crisp and curves of the signature appear shaky.
• Image Scanning: like using the web camera, in this case after you have signed on the piece of paper, you then scan the signature and you can then use it on the document. This is normally the most recommended as it gives a true picture of the signature.


As can be seen Electronic signatures can be made in various ways. The advantage of all the ways possible is that once you have captured the Electronic Signature once, you do not have to recapture it as Adobe has the feature of saving it for reuse at later stages.