Black leather biker jackets can be quite the chore with the many different options. Not only do you want to consider which style you want, but you also have to consider which design will offer the most protection dependent on the type of motorcycle you ride and your own stature. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of the current 5 most popular leather biker jackets for this season – all of which help to marry the necessary safety precautions with the joys of being in style.

Knockhill Leather biker Jacket

 By being a bit longer, this jacket allows extra warmth for those cool winter months. Additionally, its touring design with thick leather still provides protection from various scrapes and bruises while riding. Be sure to remember that this style of jacket tends to be more vintage than current fashion – but, as we all know, vintage is making a statement in fashion these days. Lastly, this jacket has all of the right accessories to be perfect for any biker by being reinforced where necessary, vented in certain areas and even includes a neck strap that can adjust to allow you to be comfortable during your ride.

Racer Biker Jacket

Racer men’s black leather biker jackets tend to be much simpler, without all of the bells and whistles that accompany the more fashionable jackets of this season. However, even though many like these fashionable jackets, stores realize that many bikers still want to wear the plain and simple racer biker jacket. These jackets typically have reinforced sleeve caps, are made from a simple smooth leather that will still protect from abrasions, and will have pockets on the inside for placing items. This retro jacket will be the perfect look for some, but others may want to continue reading for their perfect fit.

Retro Biker Jacket

As opposed to the racer jacket mentioned above, the retro men’s black leather biker jacket is a bit roomier, with more pockets and more reinforced areas to increase the protection of the rider. Additionally, this jacket hits at the hip, meaning it is longer in the back to prevent any exposure while sitting. Along with its functionality and offered protection, as well as areas fitted for armor to be attached, this retro jacket will provide you with a fashion statement while still ensuring that the rider should not fear any large abrasions during a minor accident.

Classic Leather Biker Jacket

No one can go wrong with the classic men’s leather biker jacket. It is the most commonly purchased and worn of any type of biker jacket – even with the release of new designs each season. The classic leather biker jacket design offers several pockets for items, reinforced leather, and fitted for armor to be placed over when needed. Some versions will also include a belt around the waist to make sure the jacket stays close to you and keep you warm.

Crafted Leather Biker Jacket

Don’t let the idea of a men’s leather biker jacket being crafted lead you astray. This is almost exactly like a classic biker jacket, but without all of the extra straps and zippers – simple is key here. Crafted refers to the making of the leather though, showing off just the right amount of stressing to make a fashion statement.