Best Security system for our homes should always be a top priority. Other than just decorating your home, setting up security measures and features are more necessary. Some of these features in your home should include:

1. Securing the doors

A burglar should never stroll through the front door. Exterior doors need to be inspected and ensure all frames are secure as well as hinges protected. Some of the quick reinforcements include installing a deadbolt, adding a strike plate, and upgrading with the smart locks. For the more advanced entries with mail slot, one should ensure no one can reach through to unlock the door. For those interested in a high-tech solution, add door sensor or glass breaker sensor which will alert you whenever tampered. It usually scares thieves.

2. Lock all the windows

Windows and doors are the most common entries burglars can use. It’s the owners priority to be safe. If in doubt of your windows, beef up security with locks or key-operated features, some other good burglar-proof ideas include: reinforcing glass with windows security film, installing window sensors, adding window bars or planting prickly bushes under down floor windows.

3. Light up the premises

No, any burglar would like to be in the spotlight. Always ensure there is ample outdoor lighting. Place the lights around front and back yards, along pathways, near the garage as well as other outdoor structures. Also enhances the owner’s easiness and cutting down the risk of stumble on your way up the front steps. The lights security may also be active through, using motion-activated lights, using solar-powered lights and outdoor lights put on a timer.

4. Install security system

This should either be a basic DIY system or professional monitoring and home automation. Nowadays, home security options are plenty for every budget and under every level of protection. For such a secure method, one should first evaluate the needs of the neighborhood then your house. Neighborhood crime statistics can help to assess the security of your home. Factors like upfront and monthly costs, customer service and brand reputation, systems-level of installation should be considered.

5. Lock down your Wi-Fi network

The wireless home network is the central doorway to your personal and financial information. Use of home automation assures security and makes a house vulnerable to a break-in. To keep off hackers from your home, secure your wireless router, enable WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) encryption, hide and rename your home network, create strong passwords, install antivirus and anti-malware protection and many more.

6. Eliminate hiding places

Although trees and shrubs give a house curb appeal, they also give burglars place to hide. They should be trimmed enough or opt smaller bushes instead. Best practices include lock gates, sheds, and other outdoor buildings, and adding security signs and stickers.

7. Add security cameras

This is a simple home security solution feature which works perfectly mainly when in need to get justice. Security cameras are of various brands. The most recommended is using it with a mobile app. With it, you can see footage in real time and store it whenever it needs some damages payment. To be effective, it should contain motion detection, night vision, Wi-Fi capability, and more.