artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is laying huge implications on software and the internet industry. It’s greatly contributing on fields like healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and automobile. Its advancements have further developments thus making it seem brighter.

Upcoming trends in artificial intelligence

  1. 1. Facial recognition- it is regarded as the AI future due to its immense can be identified through digital images or even patterns of facial features. It’s considered as a more accurate and reliable technology.
  2. The fashion industry is now used in this AI. In fact, retailers are so much into digitalizing their machines, tools, and gadgets for their r own benefit. It’s through social media where customers to provide brands contained with data. The data received by the industry enhances the easier way of predicting trends thus reduced the gap of inputs versus outputs.
  3. The AI helps in collecting analyzing, sorting and organizing data into relevant categories that are used to know customers’ requirements. This app is recognized in making fashion easier and more digitalized.
  4. Artificial intelligence is playing a major role in most of our intimate moments. This technology does change the future of sex as well as transforming intimacy exists. It includes techs from smart sex toys to bots offering sex and companionship. This kind of reality is boosting businesses for companies rushing to develop such products. Some of the existing law governing sex is antiquated but the future is here. Lawmakers have to deal with the legal and policy questions posed by artificial intelligence.

Types of artificial intelligence

For the analytical artificial intelligence it’s mostly concerned and consistent with cognitive intelligence. This is the representation of the world and using knowledge based on past experience to inform future decisions.

There is also human inspired artificial intelligence which has ability to understand human emotions as well as considering them in their decision making. It is capable of showing characteristics of all types of competencies and being self-conscious and self-aware in interactions.

Artificial intelligence is divided into sub fields which are based on technical considerations which includes use of particular tools. It is aimed in reasoning, planning, knowledge representation, learning, perception and ability to move and manipulate objects.

Artificial intelligence technique systems have advanced in computer power, huge data and its theoretical understanding becoming easier. It has been an essential part of the technology industry, aiding in resolving challenges in computer science, software complaints and research in operations.

Why artificial intelligence

Modern artificial intelligence are persuasive and too numerous. Some of its examples are autonomous vehicles like drones, self-driving cars others are, medical diagnosis, proving mathematical theorems, online assistants, targeting online advertisements and search engines such as google search.

Recently artificial intelligence has been adopted by doctors in finding the right treatment for cancer. A lot of research has been put in place as well as finding right drugs relating to cancer. The action is becoming a negative effect due to the wide options thus becoming difficult to choose the right drugs for victimized patients. AI will also be used to try monitoring multiple high risk patients maybe by innovation of an advanced machine known as “Hanover” likely to memorize necessary papers and predict the most effective combination of drugs.

However artificial intelligence is considered in different fields as dangerous to humanity.  It is also aired that in future it will create a risk in terms of employments.

Making most of the human labor be done using machines. Moreover, again many agree that it could be a net benefit, if productivity gains are distributed.