In the market today best smartphones boast the use of Android as its operating system, making Android the most popular operating system. This is basically due to its ease of use and the fact that it can be easily customized.

You can make good use of your Android phone taking its robustness into consideration in very many different ways.One can still generate revenue using android enabled smartphones.

Security features for Android devices

This is paramount to any phone user. Android phones have the lock screen. These lock screens have several different ways to unlock it all depending on user preferences. You can opt to use the conventional login screen where you input your password or you can opt to use the pattern mode. Using the pattern, the user defines a pattern on the screen that will grant access to the home screen.

External Hard drive and Storage Device

This is one of the most appropriate and advantageous use of the Android phone. The android phone is a basic plug and play device when plugged onto a Personal Computer or Laptop. Once plugged in, it offer the option to be able to browse through the android device. Choosing this option opens an explorer view on your PC or Laptop showing all the contents of the Android device.

You can then move files, images even music and movies to your Android device to your PC and vice versa by simply dragging the item to your desired location. This is true for Windows based machines. However for Mac machines all you need to do is to download a small application known as Android File Transfer program and the same feature applies.

Remote Access to your PC

By installing the Chrome Remote Access App on your device, accessing your PC from your phone is made possible. This is on both Windows and Mac PCs as well as Linux boxes. All that is required is for proper configuration and security measures to the Chrome Browser in your PC. On connection you can freely view, move and copy files at will.

Cloud SynchronizationAndroid icon images

By installing an app called FolderSync it is possible to synchronize your Android phone to your files residing on the Cloud. The app supports known cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One drive and even Amazon Cloud. With this app you can manipulate your folders in the cloud as desired. You can add, delete or even amend existing files and folders at will.

Sharing Contents between Android Devices

Sharing contents like photos and documents had been made easy in Android devices. Simply by taping the share app, the user is prompted devices that are nearby and have the share utility enabled. You can then simply share whatever is to be shared by a simple click.

Android as a Hotspot Device

You can share your Android internet with other devices and even PC’s using the android Hotspot capability. By turning this feature one other devices connect using your Android internet settings and they are able to browse as if the internet belonged to them. It is of importance to note that there is no extra charge on this service.

Find or wipe a lost phone

With the Android Device Manager which is free and is associated with google map, if for instant you lose a phone, all you need to do is log into the app using your Google account and you will be able to access the contents of the lost phone. It is then possible of wipe out the contents of the lost phone as desired.


There are several useful things that can be done with the Android /IOS operating system. It can be used to organize your office and to increase your efficiency while not at the office by being able to access your PC or by having that much needed presentation on the phone. One can purchase smartphones online from top sites that offer amazing discounts.