Statistics show that 230,000 malware are being launched daily according to This means personal information on our smartphones could easily get corrupted with one of this malware. Smartphones nowadays perform a variety of tasks for the owner. We store images, video files, documents and even emails sensitive or otherwise, all on our phones.

Assurance for impenetrable phone security is important to guard one’s privacy. Phone owners should however not worry much about their smartphone safety since simple tips exist that help improves on this. For the curious ones here are some of the things you can do to enhance your phone’s safety.

Have Password Protection

This may look obvious but a lot of people do not put password on their phones. Having a password is the most basic aspect of protecting your phone. Many options exist; the use of password codes, unlocking patterns and for advanced phones fingerprint scanning and facial recognition methods.

Password protection helps make it a little bit hard for a thief or an intruder to access your information as to compared to one without. They also help protect you from busybodies who want to see your images and read private messages. Always keep your passcodes private and change them as regularly as possible. Passwords should not be obvious. Try to make life hard for anyone who may want to crack into your phone.

Have An Updated Operating System

Unknown to many, it is of paramount importance to install new phones software updates once they are made available by the manufacturer. Updated software come with patches for identified system vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers. Manufacturers usually identify security gaps and possible threats and provide remedies in the new software.

Phones users should also avoid jailbreaking or rooting their devices. Owners usually do this to free it from the manufacturer’s built restrictions enabling them to modify to their specifications. This, however, may lead to one downloading unauthorized apps that may have a virus embedded in them. This reduces one’s phone safety.

Encrypt Your Smartphone

The theft rate of smartphones is on a constant rise. This means thieves can easily get access to personal information and data. Having a password is no longer enough to secure your phone, given that access can be made through a computer connection. It is therefore important to encrypt your smartphone to provide an added layer of security.  Free software’s such as Autocrypt exist that can be installed to help encrypt your apps and folders inhibiting copying and viewing of your data by unauthorized persons. As a phone owner, make sure you take the extra step of encrypting your device to boost your phone safety.

Take Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connection Precautions

Every normal phone user would die for an opportunity to get free WiFi. This free wiFi, however, comes with its cons, especially in public places. Connections give away information on location and identity as well gives gateways for ease access to personal information.

This can lead to someone accessing your bank accounts if say you make online payments with your credit card using public Wi-Fi. Bluetooth connections also have the same effect of allowing bad guys to get in contact with your phone’s personal data. It is therefore advisable to never leave your WiFi and Bluetooth connections open. When in public always connect to free WiFi from genuine and known organizations. Do this and the safety of your smartphone will be assured.

Download Apps From Approved Sources

Google play store and apple app store are the most secure sources for app downloads for android and iPhones respectively. Apps made available usually undergo through checks to ascertain that they bring no security hazards to your phone.

Be keen on the access and demands required when installing an app. Apps that require unrealistic access to you phone should be uninstalled immediately. Reading app reviews is also important since it helps one know any app flagged for any security issues hence help you avoid it.

A lot of effort is being undertaken by phone manufacturers to enhance the safety of our phones. This should however not make you stop taking additional steps to ensure maximum safety for data stored in your phone. In these ages of leaked messages, images and videos it doesn’t hurt to exercise a little extra caution.