Time is just an influential factor in people’s lives. However, With time, women start getting closer to men. They begin sharing interests, as well as wanting to spend time together. Of course, with time, both parties start feeling more comfortable with each other. Some of the thing’s women love to talk exclusively with a man due to comfortability includes:

1. Intimacy

Men love talking about sex, and so do women love. Men mainly bring up the conversation of which its human nature. At times sex topics come in form of a joke.

2. Talking about money

This can range between a casual, a date, or relationship friend. Men will use money as a symbol of power during such a conversation. This raises a woman interest to talk to you as a man.

3. Favorite songs and artists

Music conversation can take a lot of hours since its full. Both parties are likely to discuss their favorite types of songs and genres. Some instances music unites man and woman, ultimately making it a great conversation starter.

4. Television and movies

 Women love it when a man breaks a conversation about music, and films. This unites and forms a bond whenever sharing such interests.  It’s always an easy topic to talk about, which ventures into several different issues.

5. Clothes and fashion

A woman usually needs to get feedback and compliments from a man when it comes to clothing. As well men should give a view of their designer clothes. It brings about a talk about likes and dislikes.

6. Work

Parties who love their career can talk about this on and on. Women believe that if a man is opening up to you about the kind of work he does, definitely he considers her close to him.

7. Women love to talk with men about Future

Women like to discuss with men about the future for various reasons. For one man will prove, they have goals. Future talk is joint with couples giving a sense of excitement.

8. Other friends

Talking about friends one has met is all about opening up memories. Both parties will love to constantly re-live their glory days hence putting up these stories.  No matter the context, friends’ stories seem endless.

9. Travels

This is another conversation women love to talk about with men. It proves some insights into which someone is.

10. Food

Topics about food surprisingly come up more times, especially in a relationship. It could turn into a heated battle lasting longer, focusing on what one loves, hates, can cook or can never.

11. The life struggle

Both parties, at times, need to share their deeper side. Through the understanding nature, one of the parties is likely to get encouraged. Having someone to listen is more enough.

12. Knowing the gossips

A little secret might not be all that apparent for some ethical scandals. It’s worthwhile to speak to each other since it represents an opportunity of giving thoughts on specific issues.

13. Personal life

Talking about you makes one seem confident. Share your life about family, experience, and anything else with the opposite sex party.

14. Aspirations

Dreams are just as much part of you like experience. As a man ask her about plans. Get to know her as a person, and she will like the talk.

15. Hobbies

It’s a least, but great conversation women love to talk to men. How one spends time, and what they do for fun is all interesting. You might even find yourselves having common hobbies.