When buying your first smartphone or replacing an old one, there are certain considerations you need to weigh before selecting what type to buy. Smartphones act as companions to some people given that they are always on them from the time they are up till they sleep at night. They also serve a variety of purposes. Apart from texting and calling they offer other services such as mobile banking, taking picture and videos, listening to music and internet access through various apps.

When choosing a smartphone to buy first consider of what use are you buying it for. To get a phone best suited for you, some of the things you should be considered include:

Choice Of Either Android Or iPhone

As a buyer you first need to decide on your preference in terms of the operating system. There’s a wide array of Android phones in the market since many company brands use android systems. If you decide to go android,  you can choose from a wide range of features such as phone designs, colors, and sizes. A variety of prices are also available,  both affordable and extravagant, depending on the brand and model.

On the other hand iPhones don’t really offer chances to customize. The sizes, shape and color are mostly the same. Variations are only available after new releases which are done yearly.  These new releases have but a few modifications done to improve on previous models. iPhones have fixed prices that are usually relatively high. Therefore first make a choice on whether to use android or IOs system depending on the flexibility you want and the money you have. 

Phone Display

It’s important to consider the screen size of the phone you want to purchase. The sizes range from small, medium to large screens. The small ones have a screen size of less than 4.5 inches while medium ones range between 4.5 to 5.5 inches. The large ones are over 5.5 inches in screen size. Medium size screens are the best since reading texts in the phone is less strenuous. They also offer a perfect grip avoiding accidental falls due to being too small or too large.

Considerations should also be placed on resolution. HD screen resolution provides one with clarity when watching videos or taking pictures on the phone. The latest highly priced phones have a High Definition resolution of 2560*1140 pixels but 1280*720 pixel resolution is the most common

Battery Strength

It extremely important to consider how long a battery can last before recharging. Having a phone that needs to be recharged after every few hours is a smartphone owner’s worst nightmare. One should therefore look for phones with batteries that have more than 3000mAh. Look out also for the ones with fast charging capabilities. You don’t want to be staying idle for more than five hours waiting for your smartphone to be fully recharged.

Phone Storage and Processor

Internal phone storages available are usually dependent on phone prices and models. Most of the cheaper phones come with a memory of 8 Gb while the high end ones have upto 64Gb of internal memory. Sufficient storage is important as it allows you to store as many videos, songs and applications as possible. For phones with little storage, a slot for an addition of an external memory is usually available.

The phone’s processor and RAM are also essential components. For people into phone gaming and users of many applications, a good processor ensures a good and smooth experience. A good processor coupled with RAM of over 1Gb, facilitates access to different applications simultaneously without you having to  worry about the phone hanging.

Camera Quality

The new age of facebook, Instagram and twitter have made a good phone camera very essential. This allows people to share memorable picture with friends and family. To do this one needs to choose a smartphone fitted with good lenses that can capture perfect shots even in dim lights. Phones with camera lenses ranging from 8 to 25+ megapixels deliver good quality pictures.

A lot of factors are considered when deciding on a type of smartphone to purchase. The buyers budget and the need for purchasing are the most common considerations. Therefore, before settling on what phone to buy,  weigh all the available alternatives in terms of features and choose a phone that is most suitable to your situation and needs.