Plenty of apps for Apple have kicked around making it more available. These apps are great, useful and brilliant in a way. They range from games to productivity apps distinguishing apple watch from other gadgets. Considering features like GPS, LTE and water resistance design for swim tracking gives a reason for more apple apps. WatchOS 5 features and large display on series four has further enhanced this development. Such apps include:


Having acquired a one-off IAP, it unlocks cloud sync and IOS app goodies. It’s meant for persons who usually forget essential details. It allows one to make a little list of quick notes shoving them into apple watch. Each item may be having its icon for a more tranquil spot. Details may appear on the watch face as a complication.


These are the best app for tracking workout. It’s a fitness app which has embraced GPS for running and cycling purposes. Its results are excellent and experience so stable and reliable. It’s the best app on the app store for serious runners and cyclists. The app is standalone which can head out in the absence of an iPhone


These are the best app for sports fans. It focuses on business meetings about the progress of favorite teams latest game. The app keeps one updated on scores from the chosen team at a given sport. It also helps in breaking news alerts, so it’s the best app solution for sports fans.


These are the best apple workout app to be downloaded. It puts one through paces whether dancing or others. Apple watch hence becomes heads-up display where one knows what kind of exercise he should be doing. One can also pause things for body relaxation.

Things 3

These are the best apple watch productivity app on the iPhone. This app acts as a hub for organizing the entire life. It sorts things clearly into current, upcoming and anytime views. It focuses on today’s tasks usually displayed as a complication. It ticks off when done or adding looming essential things into perspective.


This is the best apple watch game for the daily challenge. It’s all about memorizing rules and tapping relevant cards. Having WatchOS 5, this app is very responsive, boasts various levels, seasonal feedback as well as complication as expected.


This apple watch is a tested and rated best app. It is simple and effective. This Uber app allows one to request an Uber (means of transport) from the wrist even without touching the phone. The app tells you how long it can take for an Uber. It is also capable of switching among various car choices. However, it may not estimate fare prices as a phone can do.

Just press record

This is the best apple watch audio recording app. On the iPhone, it’s an efficient app for making quick recordings. On the wrist, one taps the record button, captures some audios, stops the recording then syncs it on air. This app can now offer transcription that is talking to it and getting a text file later.

In conclusion, apps like pear,, view ranger, hole 19 for golfers, runkeeper and many others are to be improved in the future. These will extensively enlarge the apple watch industry.