Huawei firm is getting enrolled in the smart glasses forum. Their aim is unveiling its new eyewear specs designed for men and women. These glasses are designed in collaboration with the known Korean Genital Monster brand of sunglasses. Most smart wears have been launched within no stipulated time.    The main characteristics coming along with this eyewear include the built-in dual mic and speakers meant for making and taking calls. They are also capable of easy access to assistance and clear listening of audios. However, this band got no holographic display or cameras.


These smart glasses lack buttons at all thus they simply need a tap on any side to wake up the device. It also has dual mic along with beamforming technologies. This apparently reduces unnecessary noises whenever having a phone call. There are dual speakers positioned at the edge, meant to minimize sound leaks when listening to something loudly. They are usually slim in a way but have powerful Bluetooth chipset.

These glasses are usually dust and water resistance devices. Their charging systems are via a case using NFC contactless charging.  These features make the Huawei’s world be smart and move fast. The most exciting thing about these designers is that these glasses are part of their accomplished ambitions. Consumers have proved this in the existence of smartwatches, smartphones, along with laptops and other wearables.

However, Huawei products are getting shut out in some countries. Take a look at the US market; the company seems bent on deepening its design skill set to match its engineering prowess. As a result, the company is designing a new branding move. They would rather see people debating design aesthetics than security controversies.

Huawei eyeglasses are seemed to be more like Bluetooth headset than other smart glasses were used to. They all lack any projector or screen. They do work with voice assistants to feed you information. Although they don’t feature buttons, a simple touch to a particular spot on the arm of the glass means everything.

Recently, the most tried smart glasses are Vuzix Blade or North Focals. They are capable of projecting a picture onto one of the lenses. It mirrors incoming notifications and other related data from your phone. The current launch of these glasses will be launched as a collection of different designs. They will be designed to look more like traditional glasses (their predecessors) and sunglasses. The CEO introduced these glasses pointing to images of previous smart glasses like; Google Glass and Snap Spectacles. IT was evidenced that they still have other capabilities that Huawei eyewear lacks.

People have a different approach when it comes to smart eyewear. It’s high time for us to change the real perception in the world. It’s about remembering the eyewear is put on our faces. So features built-in should fit and look sexy as well. That’s the most detailed news about smart grasses from Huawei eyewear designers. However, the new project is being designed which tries on a pair of glasses. They are yet to be functional though in mid-2019 something more precious will be launched.