This grand idea of hosting sexual issues at times sounds weird.  It usually goes side with the usual friendship life to personal body relationship. It’s more of how one views sex either positively or negatively. Although sex is weird, embracing that weirdness can change the bond. Many lies and negative perceptions, especially for women have been heard. Some say waiting until marriage is a fake era, also before or masturbation that’s a gross.

Having all these talks with friends is freeing the mind, and it’s also a great way to spread sex positively. The whole discussion is scarily in a way. However, once you adapt to that habit, you start feeling less worried about the issue. It’s usually essential to know whether what you are experiencing in your sex life, is healthy or not. Here are some of the related sex issues to talk about with friends:


Best friends are the only close people you can share secrets about abortion life. At times they come, although no one would ever wish themselves in such a situation. So, it’s one of the issues people should train to handle whenever one has unwanted pregnancies. Most men may seem to be irresponsible, and a friend could be the only option left to solve the situation. It may be illegal and crime but discussing with friends to some it may sound nice but we need to remember life is scared, we should not spearhead such activities.

Favorite memories of the relationship

For each dynamic epic, there are always memories and fantasies.  How many people in love spend time together talking, laughing or any tasty thing. Learning how your best friends handle their minds is the most motivating thing ever. Alongside with jokes, it’s important to remember sex memories ever spent.

What to look for in a romantic relationship

Each person has a different preference when it comes to romantic relationships.  Through friends talk, it helps one to know what others are for in a significant partner. It contains the necessary information for those aiming to hang out or start mingling in a serious relationship. It explores one on what is likely to end a love relationship or what to keep on doing in future. In general, this kind of talk is a soul consoler and also contains advice for those entering the next romantic partnership.

 What we like and what we don’t

Having friends discussing your likes and dislikes in sexual issues is fun. It also keeps one’s eyes open keenly to learn more ideas. Such friends to talk to can make one feel safe, understood but also can change you. One should always be careful due to peer pressure you find yourself in total mess.

Embarrassing moments

This includes stuff like fart sound which usually happens when sweaty or stuck together then pulled apart at once. Friends may happen to talk about sex since it is reasonable and often happens to all, thus a comforting discussion.


Even if we may not all have chances of having a baby, our friends do have. Plans for babies are often discussed in a group of friends. Some might be already mothers. They give detailed lessons about labour pains, childbirth and breastfeeding issues. Other may include vaginal tearing which is painful.

Manhood size

Having sex with a woman, chances are she has already discussed the size with friends. These don’t mean they are so unfair, but it’s just a raised conversation. It may not sound awkward, but the size is definitely up for discussion.