Waist beads are familiar with females who are excellent tools for women. They make them feel more feminine and beautiful. They are usually handmade and customized in nature. Its real meaning is of an age long, from time immemorial. It’s is worn for various reasons; royalty, body adornment, deification as well as decoration.

African Culture on waist beads

The culture of these waist beads has been associated with both spiritual and material goals. Some of its related ideas are aiding in the sensory pleasure of a man. Others are adorned with bells, a signal to let a man know that the woman wants to engage in sexual intercourse. Others are also used as a form of birth control, preventing body obesity and many other reasons. Different parts of Africa take various perceptions to waist beads

They are often worn since they hold a particular fascination for many. The beautiful stream of color blending is also a reason. The woman’s lower body moves stylishly whenever this ornament is worn.

This style of wearing beads was made famous by the Yoruba’s in Nigeria. This is where most usages of waist beads emerged. There is an absolute belief that the beads possess some erotic appeal. These have the power to incite desire or deport emotional response towards men. In the case of birth control, they act as contraceptives.

They are laced with charms in which women can prevent conception. Baby girls do wear them also to shape their hips and buttocks.in the past correctly, beautiful beads would also be worn to protect ladies against specific forces which may be radiating negative energy around them. In pregnancy, it was worn and believed to be a protector of the unborn baby and the mother.

beaded wai

This tradition of women wearing beads almost went into extinction. There are newly emerged beads having been added new craze dimensions. Women’s sexuality in Africa as a whole is attached to a woman’s bum, and these waist beads help them sway and show off this feature. However, the current generation doesn’t consider wearing these beads a way of making them bum shake. It’s funny that they would rather twerk harder and bums shake, unlike those wearing waist beads.

This kind of behavior is otherwise thought of as obscene, local and primitive.  Some parents may find it as vice thus reluctant in allowing their kids to wear them. They may take it or seem to be for females with immoral upbringings. Admittedly, it is believed that those fitting them in have the aim of desperately attracting and seducing men. The issue of spiritual attached belief from men was also a major turn off. They believed that they might never be able to get out of a woman’s life once they are trapped with those beads.

Unlike those men who hate it, some go ahead and request partners to get them. They make them more attractive and sensual. However, such a belief does not discourage true lovers of waist beads. The special admiration of waist beads in Africa is still maintained. They are more associated with sex and sexuality. Feminism and beauty are mostly enhanced with wearing of these beads.