Lasting longer in bed is something that almost anyone can do. All that is necessary is to know what to do. While there are many methods of stopping premature ejaculation, some of the methods advocated for usually because more harm than good.

This is especially so given that early ejaculation is not a disease. There are natural ways to last long in bed and boost your sexual performance without the need to spend money on “treatments” and “remedies” that may end up ruining your sexual desire. Here is how to last longer in bed naturally for better sexual performance.

Relax and increase your bodily awareness

While being told to relax and increase your bodily awareness may seem as something simple, it is one of the most effective ways to last longer in bed. This is because studies show that performance anxiety is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation and poor performance in the bedroom.

Learning how to relax is thus the first step to reclaiming your manhood. There are many techniques which you can use to relax to make sure that you delay ejaculation when the time comes. Simple techniques such as yoga, meditation and taking deep breaths can work wonders when it comes to delaying ejaculation and boosting your sexual performance in the bedroom.

All you need is to take deep controlled breaths right before sex until your nerves are calm. This will help you to have better control of your body and thus allowing you to last longer in bed.

Remain focused

When you focus when having sex will play a significant role in determining how long you will last during sexual intercourse. You should make sure that your focus is in sexual pleasure and not in sexual performance.

Occupying your mind with thoughts of how well you will perform will only serve to increase your anxiety. This will thus lead to early ejaculation and poor performance in the bedroom. To last longer in bed, just focus on enjoying the sexual activity.

Do not worry about what may or may not happen. This is a sure way of boosting your sexual performance as a man. Do not think about lasting longer in bed and you will last long in bed. It is that simple.

Learn taking it step by step

Awareness is the key to having better sex. You should learn to notice and enjoy the simple pleasures of being aroused. This includes even when you are masturbating. An increased awareness will help you be in control of your ejaculatory process and thus allowing you to delay ejaculation at will.

This will help you last longer in bed. Being in control of your arousal will also be great in helping you know when to stop thrusting so as to stop premature ejaculation. It will also play a significant role in helping you to apply other techniques designed to help to last long in bed.