Female sexuality has emerged as the most misunderstood topic.
Should we call it a taboo? In learning institutions, churches or buried in our families, this topic hasn’t been focused on. The community has mostly focused on male sexuality leaving women out. This has then contributed to the emergence of various authors of different topic discussions about female sexuality. Such popular books include:

Girls and sex

This guide navigates the complicated new landscape.  This book by Orenstein brings out a key picture of women and sex today. There have been ignored on this topic all wide in society. The book focuses on women’s pressure along with what society tells them to do, feel and think.

It’s an important honest discussion which considers the significant trials usually faced by young women today. This affects them as they navigate the sexual landscape. The perception of society to is challenged on their attitude towards female sexuality. This guide is of much help to the parents willing to understand daughters’ sexuality concerns. With such a book a parent will get mean of starting communication with a girl.


The author is Naomi Wolf. This guide entails narratives around female sexuality. She tries to bring upon the information mixed with detailed messages about what it takes to become a woman. At some point, it guides them by encouraging how to deny their sexuality. On the other side, a woman is expected to attract men. The fact in this book is, women define their sexuality differently from one another. It’s mostly meant for parents and their teenagers.

 What do women want?

This book focuses on all women notions on their head about sexuality.  The main idea has been generated through research, interviews and personal views from scientists to sexologists. Bergner, the writer, wonders how female sexuality seems to be weird and their lust as well. Questions have been raised in this book to know whether women really crave intimacy and connection emotionally. It extends to finding out whether women tend to be naturally promiscuous. Also checks whether women are actually more sexually aggressive than their male partners.

Slut ever on female sexuality

A slut in many genres is that person seeking visceral experience through sex without getting ashamed. This book then is comprehensive and bold with no intention for faint of heart. Its main aim is to reclaim the word slut and take away the negative connotations associated with the word. This will be of much help to cure the existing perception of women who are victims of this word slut.

Straight sex

This book focuses on the world of politics of pleasure.  Segal, the author, examines feminist viewpoints on sexuality. She tries to relate sex patterns from the mid-60s to early 90s. Since then, sex has robbed women minds who are now taking it to their pleasure.


This book points out how to be sexually explorative and self-confident in a world that is screwed. It brings about women conversations from the podcast to the existing stigma around sex. It teaches one how to get over the shame, faking orgasm and how to live fine by you.