Through the love of technology, we are already living through a new sexual revolution. It’s transforming how we relate with each other in our intimate relationships. Digisexuals are turning to advanced technologies such as robots and virtual reality (VR) environments. These techs are defined by the ability to offer sexual experiences that are intense, immersive and do not need a human partner. It is so fascinating how people are using technology in their relationships. It’s a way of relating in the form of being secure, anxious and avoidant of possible risk.

Sex robots

These are the second -wave technology most people are familiar with. They are usually discussed in the media, televisions and also appear in the movies. Some industries have gone ahead and previewed examples of such sex robots prototypes .they are not as per people’s expectations or how they can prefer a good Sexbots to look like. However, most companies are working on developing realistic Sexbots. Interactive artificial intelligence is so much into proving existing difficult of teaching a robot how to walk. With artificial intelligence, sex robots will usually have the ability to create some sorts of emotional closeness with their user. It also proceeds through several romantic and family sexes.

In the industry, there are different kinds of sex robots in the mix made. Some are specifically for women pleasure and others for men. According to different levels, some can respond to touch in a different part of their bodies.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a technology creating a placement and plausibility illusion within the human brain. This is progressing rapidly. It’s already being used in many ways going beyond the passive viewing of pornography. They are offering people intense sexual experiences that the real world would possibly never give. The virtual reality industry has exploded in terms of inventions and innovations. Pornographic has yet again managed to be the forefront of this great innovation. Through tech, the internet is so teeming with VR porn video websites. Pornography is set to take over the porn industry in the future. Men and women are purchasing VR products and devices every day. Since we are all humans, this won’t take long before their attention turns to porn. Producers are more competing to become the best virtual reality porn destinations.

Moreover, the industry is trying to invent other artificial intelligence systems. This will add new layers to relationships with people.  This will be able to create real personalities instead of having to imagine them. Possibly one will be able to talk to the dolls, walk with them and have a response to any touch. There will be some specifically for the cars building relationship with their owners. This will build trust with the passengers making them feel safer due to that automatic control.

All these technologies will improve the ability to interact and emotionally bond future of love. As much as they are becoming more sophisticated and more widespread, people will opt to adopt these artificial agents. As these technologies develop, more advanced sexual experiences will emerge. This will enable people to find it as satisfying as those with human partners or even more better.