Cropped leather jackets products always come in a vast variety of designs, colors, and quality. This means it is no surprise that as the popular styles continue to change in the overall design of both men’s and women’s wardrobes, so do the looks of the once classic leather jacket. Instead of the old school classic that we often see in the movies, the trend is now heading more towards what is known as the cropped leather jacket for this season.

What you need to know about cropped leather jacket

The cropped leather jacket is similar to any other leather jacket, but its popularity is rising this season for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it is just enough different to become popular, but still close enough to the old classic for the general population to desire and want to wear this product.

Additionally, the cropped leather jacket is making a statement this season because it helps to flatter almost any figure.

Most leather jackets meet directly at the waist, which is perfect for some who wish to wear this clothing product, but not so great for others.

Enter the cropped leather jacket trend for this season, and you now have a product that helps draw the eye up towards the wearers face, rather than at their midsection like the classic design.

Instead of meeting at the waist, the cropped leather jacket has been, as the title of the product says, cropped up a few inches.

This allows the cropped leather jacket to sit above the waist several inches, rather than at the waist. Since the jacket ends above the waist, it draws attention not to the waist of the wearer, but upwards.

Advantages of cropped leather jackets

Just like most designer leather jackets that are currently in fashion, the cropped leather jacket is definitely more of a fashion statement than a usable coat for cold weather.

In fact, it is often used as an accessory to a dress, skirt, or shorts outfit. Because of it is cropped, this style of leather jacket is typically worn as an accessory – almost like a fancy cardigan, but one that makes much more of a statement than a soft cardigan would.

Some may see this change in the look of classic leather jackets for this season towards the cropped leather jacket almost in the same respect as blazers, which have also grown in popularity recently.

However, a blazer and a cropped leather jacket are not the same article of clothing and make two vastly different statements. Wearing a leather jacket of any style is a fashion statement in itself, wearing the now popular cropped leather jacket shows that the wearer knows where the trends are headed for this season, and maybe even in the seasons to come.

That being said, those looking for a cropped leather jacket should remember a few things in order to fit in with the changing trend from the classic leather jacket, to the new and improved cropped version.

A red cropped leather jacket will not be anywhere near as versatile as a black one, but the red will definitely make much more of a statement when matched with African wear. Additionally, some cropped leather jackets will include various belts and zippers on the jacket to further draw the eye upward, which will be perfect for somebody types, but not all.