Designer leather jackets for women come in a variety of packages, but most importantly for the coming season, as the colder weather begins to settle in, is to not only dress comfortably but in style. Keeping this in mind, we have looked far and wide for the best leather jackets for women to wear this winter season, especially when it comes to designer leather.

Categories of Designer leather jackets

Overall, there are five major categories in which designer leather jackets seem to fit: the puffer coat, colorful coat, cozy coat, utility coat, and the luxe-trim coat. Each of these coats is currently considered in style for its overall appearance, as well as its comfort and usability. In the past, it seemed that many designer coats were purely designed for appearance, and not for use. Fortunately, designer leather jackets are taking a turn towards fashionable and functional, helping each fashionista receive the best of both worlds.

Trend in leather designer jackets

The first of these five latest trends in designer leather jackets come in the puffer coat. This women’s leather jacket is made to flatter almost any figure by making the wearer look, as the coat implies, ‘puffy’. Of the five latest fashions, the puffer coat is the most practical in its design as it can be used both for fashion and function – meaning it does keep the wearer warm when the brisk cold arrives.

Availability of colors in designer leather Jackets

The next designer leather jacket for women comes in a variety of colors, and is known for being a colorful coat. This trend allows the wearer to express their individuality through either bold or bright colors, as well as light up the room whether it is daytime or night time.  Not to mention, although it may not be as functional as the puffer coat when it comes to cold weather, it is more versatile when it comes to going from a hard day at work to a night on the town with your friends.

While these first two trends are definitely in fashion, there are more to be considered, such as the cozy coat in designer leather jacket for women. Appearing to look like wool, the cozy designer leather jacket is actually fashionably chic while being sufficiently warm enough during the winter months, without the added material of the puffy coat.

A utility designer leather jacket is just what it sounds like – easily utilized in a variety of fashions and functions. When looking at an image of a utility designer leather jacket for women, you will notice several extra zippers which enclose extra pockets that many leather jackets do not have. Rather than misusing all of the interior space, the utility designer leather jacket has added pockets in a variety of places, along with stylish zippers and encasements so that no one has to sacrifice function for fashion.

Conclusion on leather jackets for women

Lastly, we have the luxe-trim designer leather jacket. This seems to be a cross between a puffy coat and a cozy coat, but with more style than any of the other options. In fact, the luxe-trim designer leather jacket for women is the ultimate trend for this season. The reason behind its lofty placement is because of its seamless design, and unique coloration.