One need to have a winter biker jacket, riding a motorcycle in the cold winter months is brave in and of itself, but doing so without the proper gear worn could be suicidal. A winter motorcycle jacket just may be on your early Christmas list then, especially if you insist on continuing to drive the bike despite the presence of sub-zero wind chills, sleet, snow, and sleet. In order to help you purchase the appropriate winter motorcycle jacket for your needs, consider the following guidelines as a starting point.

Armored and Protective winter biker jacket

 True, you could continue using your armored motorcycle jacket, but they actually have specially designed winter motorcycle jackets that can be just as protective – and even more so considering how well they block the cold winds. In general, however, winter motorcycle jackets will have more padding than the traditional biker leather jackets, providing slightly more protection than normal.

While winter motorcycle jackets will offer additional protection because of their thickness, you may consider purchasing a jacket that also has an airbag system as the risk of accidents increases with the worsening road conditions caused by winter weather. The addition of the airbag protection system may make your jacket heavier, but it could also save your life for better enjoyment later.

Lastly, another layer of protection to consider having included on a winter motorcycle jacket is reflectors. We all know there is significantly less daylight during the winter months, making it much more difficult to see motorcyclists as they drive – the addition of a few reflectors could make an enormous difference in bikers being seen.

Consider the Material

Different materials for winter motorcycle jackets will offer varying layers of protection from the cold winter winds, and the winter conditions. If you are wanting a material that will not soak up the wet winter weather, while still keeping you warm, than leather or textile may be your best. If you choose textile material, you will want to make sure it has a thick inner lining to help you stay warm.

On the other hand, you will not want to use any type of denim jacket when riding during the winter as denim is more suited to keeping one cool during the summer months and has little way to keep one warm during the winter.

Decide on the Type of Jacket

Winter motorcycle jackets still come in a variety of styles, from classic to race, to the long-standing traditional leather jacket. For the winter months, one of the best options is probably a rain winter motorcycle jacket, which allows wetness to glide off of the jacket, keeping the wearer dry. Most rain jackets are worn over the top of another motorcycle jacket, which will aid in keeping the wearer warm.

Technologically Advanced

If any of the above options do not sound like just the right fit for you, consider a winter motorcycle jacket that has been enhanced by technology. Jackets do exist that have warmers in them. Just like the airbag system jacket mentioned above, heated jackets use technology to spread warmth throughout the jacket. This system will not only keep the driver warm, but will also prevent the sluggishness that can occur when a rider becomes too cold. Fortunately, this option can also come with gloves.