Will smith is a talented actor, rapper and producer. He has been successful with anything he tries, Smith won four Grammy Awards and nominated in several awards. Smith came to the limelight in 1990 with the popular TV series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Smith leather jacket  has been a trend setter since the 90’s.his iconic style especially the will smith jacket which was poplar in the 90’s and still popular today. Many people try to copy iconic idols like Will Smith. Thus, Smith leather jacket   style brings the aspects of the 90’s and it’s a cool look that fan of his will try to remember. Here is a review of will smith collections.

Will Smith I Am Legend Leather Jacket

The I am Legend Jacket which was worn by Will Smith in the movie “I AM Legend” In the movie, the actor played the role of Robert Neville. The character looked quite stunning in the leather jacket. The leather jacket is not only durable but also has unique stitching. Furthermore, jacket is made from material that makes you feel comfortable. This is one most outstanding will smith jacket that can match with most attire and can give you an overall amazing look.

Robot Del Spooner Leather jacket

Del Spooner Leather Jacket is one of the best will smith jacket collections. The jacket was inspired by will smith, who played the part of detective Del Spooner. The Smith leather jacket   gives smith a very sleek and sophisticated look. The Del Spooner jacket is made from pure leather and has a viscose lining that makes it soft and comfortable.

Hancock Will Smith Leather Jacket

Hancock Leather Jacket is another will smith’s leather collections. Smith was seen in this costume on the Hancock Movie. This leather jackets will make you have a celebrity look. The Smith leather jacket  are available in numerous popular shops. Leather jackets worn by these celebs never get out of fashion and can last for many years.
Reviewing jackets inspired in the 80’s and 90’s gives a nostalgic experience to several people. Jackets worn by Will Smith became so popular. This jacket commands a statement in the fashion industry.

Hitch Alex Hitch Hitchens Will Smith  Leather Jacket

The Hitchens Smith jacket is one of the most outstanding leather jackets. This jacket has a smooth touch that can woo women; because a person in this jacket will give you a very sexy and attractive look just like will smith. The classy jacket is made from superb quality that makes you stand out in a crowd. Hitch Hitchens leather jacket can match well with jeans.