The classic leather jackets are good quality leather jackets to add to your wardrobe. This jacket adds an apparel look to the wearer. The inception of leather jackets started in the early 1900, whereby military pilots in the United Kingdom used the bomber jackets to protect them from cold, because they flew in open cockpits.

The Americans improvised on the bomber jackets, and came up with the sophisticated vintage bomber jacket. The jacket has been in fashion for several decades and it was popularized by iconic actors in movies such as “The Wild One”, “Rebel without a Cause” and “The rocketeers”. The bomber jacket has made huge fashion statements this season. Vintage jackets bring back the vibrant look of the 80’s and 90’s.Here are some of the vintage jackets in the market.

Marlon Brando Leather

The Marlon Brando Leather jacket is one of the vintage jackets which are still fashionable. The jacket was inspired by the great Brando in 1953 in the popular movie “The Wild One”

James Dean Leather Bomber Jacket

The vintage bomber jacket which was worn by James Dean in the captivating movie “Rebel without a Cause” The red bomber jacket was as famous as James Dean. Jim Stark was given a bad boy character in the movie, and this jacket is famous attire for rebels, Thou it can still be worn casually.

Steve McQueen Leather Jacket

Steve McQueen Jacket is another vintage bomber jacket which was popularized in the movie “The Great Escape” The leather aviation bomber jacket has left a legacy and it’s still available in shops. The jackets bring a vintage apparel look to the wearer.

Robert De Niro Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket inspired from the movie Taxi Driver, The military jacket is one of the vintage collection.
Tom Cruise Aviator Bomber Jacket.

Tom cruise was a cool character in movies; The Maverick’s Brown Naval Aviator Bomber jacket which had military patches was an iconic piece of cloth. The jacket was popular in the 80’s and its still makes a statement in the fashion industry.

Bruce Willis Oversized Bomber Jacket

The Bruce Willis Bomber Jacket was popularized by the movie “Pulp Fiction” The jacket was common in the 90’s.This bomber jacket gives the wearer a tough look. Bruce Willis always displays this tough look in many of his movies.

Ewan McGregor Leather Jacket

Ewan McGregor is a Scottish actor known for the movies ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Transportting’. He is one of the iconic stars whose style has influenced the world. His trademark style was his leather jacket while on a motorbike. The McGregor leather jacket adds an edgier and appealing look.

Edward Norton Leather Jacket

Another vintage jacket is the Edward Norton Leather Jacket which was inspired from the movie “American History X” The jacket was one of the most trending jackets. The bomber jackets appeal into the modern fashion.

Ryan Gosling Bomber Jacket

Ryan Gosling Bomber jacket which was inspired from the movie “Drive”. After Ryan Gosling disappeared for a decade in the film industry, He re-emerged with this Scorpion-Embroidered Bomber Jacket. The bomber jacket became popular, and every designer comes up with his own style.

Michael Jackson Leather Jackets

Michael Jackson introduced two leather jackets which are one of the vintage collections. The thriller leather jacket and the Beat it Leather jackets. This jacket became popular in the 80’s and 90’s and still manages to make fashion statement in the current fashion industry.