The future of fashion is currently in Tech.  Many forces are leading the future of fashion into the powerful opportunities of evolving technologies. It’s so important for the fashion industry remain at the top digitalized sector. Businesses are so much focusing on platforms like social media as well as e-commerce. Deep down they tend to forget other ways which technology can accelerate their usual growth and developments. Power of understanding fashion customers’ needs fall under tech which can be attained through good leadership.

  1. Humanization and functionality

These technologies are designed specifically on how people naturally do things. Nowadays people are not choosing between looking good and connection to technology. With that, fashion industry needs to come up with integrated solutions in consideration of their main customer’s lives. You may hear cases where women miss their calls all because phones are at the bottom of handbag.  So there rises the need of technology where that will intelligently solve those specific needs. Also on women’s clothes which mostly have few or no pockets. Hands- free technology becomes important in this market. Wearables should be keenly checked to genuinely be attractive and stylish. Thus, Innovators of fashion have to consider ways of improving clothing according to tech demands as well as solutions.

  1. Smart phone use

Through tech, fashion industries are obligated in understanding how their customers use technology. Ladies are more concentrated in social media searching upcoming fashions. They are also more in downloading beauty apps compared to men. The apps are full of photos and videos functions. Retailers, who focus on future, will use existing technology advances to design and innovate attractive apps. For the successful companies, are likely to develop a core strategy on Facebook, Instagrams and Snapchat video streams.

Customers want quality fashions at affordable prices thus industries have to come up with smart solution to satisfy preferences. Using the customer buying data as a record of smart phones, industries are able to predict fashions. In doing so , they can lower existing inventory cost thus more sales and higher profit margins.

Mixing innovation of tech with creativity in industry of fashion is a factual way to incredible user experiences and delighted customers.

  1. Voice technology

Voice technology in fashion industry has large implications of future. Speech is the most credible way of transferring information. Through innovation, most companies are radically improving voice recognition technologies in communication.

Although the technology cost may be high, fashion industries are gathering an analyzing data ensuring customers’ requirements are readily available.

Most importantly, companies will increasingly interact by all means of voice technology with their customers. In near future there is a likelihood of using voice and image searches rather than the used way to texting. A significant and strong competitive advantage will be build. Fashion websites and apps are allowing customers to go from search through smooth purchasing and product services.

Fashion has always remained to be a class for innovation. Looking at the evolution of fashion industry, technology is taking it to the next level in future and beyond. Just like tech, fashion is a forward-looking and cyclical