Just like the movies have inspired leather jackets, there are many shop operas soaps which have not only inspired leather jacket trends but also become favorite shops for celebrities. Celebrities are always seen in this expensive stores and are known to wear fancy jackets like the zac efron leather jackets which were inspired by the movie 17 again. Like the name suggests, the jacket gives you a young stunning look.

Many of these shop operas stock the current leather jackets in the markets and they are categorized as luxury items because they are very expensive. They may be expensive, but the leather jackets will serve you for several years. Anyone in a genuine leather jackets from recognized shops will feel not only comfortable and confidence but also feel a touch of class. Here is a review of top shop operas which influence the leather jacket trend.


McGregor-Fashion was established in 1993, this is one of the most successful and popular fashion houses in Europe and the World. McGregor brands are a combination of sporty American touch influenced by European. The name comes from a Scottish who migrated to USA in 1921 and started with sportswear for men. But the fashion shop has diversified its products and now deals with a variety of cloth wares.
The company has been stable since 1993 and it’s a major contributor to the current jacket trends in the world. Some of the world iconic figures are seen in leather jackets from the McGregor store. The brands include the following: right Linberg, Luras Eagle and Blake Paxton. These brands give a person value for his/her money. The jacket leather collections from the fashion house are robust and stylish.


Mytheresa is one of the leading online shops for a variety of luxurious fashion. The operea shop has employed highly qualified fashion designers, who make sure that the philosophy of the company which is to keep up to speed with the ever changing trend but, maintaining elegance.
The online store was established in 2006 and a feature over 170 recognized designers from all over the world.Mytheresa.com is one of the major shop opera shops that greatly influence the fashion of leather jacket. With jackets like Balmain Leather biker jackets which is common among the bike riders. Also there is the Alexander McQueen Leather jacket which has a very tough luxe.
Mytheresa.com success in influencing the leather jacket trend is attributed to the fact that designers from the company attend several fashion shows in cities like: London, New York and Paris.

Rebel market

Rebel market is one of the best international fashion houses in the world. The fashion house stocks a variety of inspired leather jackets which include the zac efron leather jackets. The Rebel market has qualified designers who explore various fashion niches. The styles designed by the fashion house maintain high quality leather jackets which are up to date with the modern trends.
For men and women with unique taste can get outstanding jackets from this fashion house. One of the reasons why rebel market is so influential is because; they design variety of jackets which is suitable for various occasions.
In conclusion, the shop operas shops influence on the leather jacket trends greatly depends on a thorough research on fashion trends and how the earlier fashion influence the modern fashion.