Riding a motorcycle without wearing protective gear is very hazardous and in the vent of occurrence of an accident, the rider will either spends several moths in bed nursing injuries or wort case scenario loose his live. Therefore for all the motorbike fanatics, should ensure that they wear protective gears from the top to bottom.The motorcycle trousers are one of the most unconventional clothing’s which is commonly worn by the riders when racing or just for adventures.
These trousers are made from tough leather or modern textiles and reinforced with strong stitching and armor. The trousers are purposely build for riders.Also are fitted with weatherproof designs like vents for cooling the riders.Some people ride on jeans and jeans trousers are not as protective as the motorcycle pants. Unless you want to risk your precious life. Here is a review of some of the best unconventional trousers for riding motorcycles.

Dedicated Motorcycle Leather Trousers

The dedicated motorcycle trousers are purposely designed for riding motorbikes.They are not meant for fashion and will only look cool when riding a bike. Otherwise if you wear this protective gear in public places like campus or place of work you certainly look like an alien. These motorcycle trousers are often made from strong tough leather or textiles and are either fitted with protective armor or removable pads at the knees.The material are very rigid and the designers will ensure that they are fitted with stretch panels to allow moving your legs comfortably. These trousers usually are fitted with reflective logos which makes you visible during the night.

Adventure Motorcycle Trousers

The adventure motorcycle trousers are designed to cope with any terrains when riding bikes, they are designed to protect you when you decide to go for hikes or adventures on a motorbike. They are fitted with weatherproof material like Gore-Tex which ensures massive flow of air to make you feel cool in a very hot environment. They are also fitted with many pockets to ensure that you carry your accessories and cargo effectively.This trousers can only be worn when ridding motorbikes otherwise its not a cool trouser to wear on normal occasions or as a casual wear. They are often very expensive protective gears for motorcycle and very valuable for the riders because it will guarantee your safety.

Armored Motorcycle Trousers

More often riders who delivers products to different places are always seen in an armored motorcycle trousers which protects them from unforeseen dangers. This trousers are made from real tough fabrics and will ensure you are protected from the hot components of the motorcycle and also from injuries

Mx Off Road Motorcycle Trousers

When rising a motorcycle off the road in a rugged and rough train you can wear the Mx off road trousers for motorcycles,they are often used for motocross riding which can a very dangerous game if you don’t wear this protective trousers, this trousers are designed to allow flexibility movement of legs and also ensures that there is enough influx of air to the rider, the MX Trousers are also fitted with leather panel to protect the riders from the hot surface of the bike because sometimes the bike usually heats up. The lower part of the leg is tapered which allows the trouser to be tucked into motorcycle boots.