Many people in the world have different preferences when it comes to leather jackets. However, the Fashion industry has evolved rapidly over the past years. The trend in this industry is greatly influenced by Hollywood celebrities, Footballers, Musicians and many other iconic figures. The celebrities have a great impact to the fashion industry, to an extend which clothes worn by them are auctioned for millions of dollars.

In the world many people are glued to their screen to watch their favorite drama series, this habits influence many people without knowing. The Hollywood actors in this series on TV have charming, Beautiful and fascinating look in anything they wear. The actors are found of wearing expensive and classy leather jackets like the hank moody leather jacket, which was a trend setter. The following are the best serial inspired leather jackets

Hank moody leather jacket

Californication season five is a popular TV series which was acted by David Duchovny. In the series Duchovny took the character Hank Moody, who is seen in an Hank moody leather jacket which was designed with pure leather. Hank Moody looks elegant in this jacket and he caused a ripple in the fashion industry because quite a number of people liked the jacket.

Dean Winchester Jacket

The Dean Winchester Jacket was inspired by the popular Horror series Supernatural. Dean Winchester was a character acted by Jensen Ackles. The jacket is made from genuine cowhide leather which makes it long-lasting. The Dean Winchester jacket is available in all sizes and makes men look real good in them. The jacket makes you feel not only comfortable but also boost your confidence wherever you go. If you want to have a taste of Winchester jacket, there are many replicas in many popular store.

Smallville Superman Black Leather Jacket

If you are looking for hi quality jacket, then Superman Smallville Black Leather Jacket is the perfect choice. The jacket was inspired by Tom Welling, He took the part of Clark Kent on the TV series Smallville. The replicas are carefully designed to look like the legit jacket. The jacket has Superman Emblem at the back and front. Superman jackets are available for not only men but also little boys. The superman black leather jacket will make you feel like superman and of course it also attracts much attention because it’s a unique jacket.

The Walking Dead Governor Jacket

The elegant and one of the most attractive leather jacket is The Walking Dead Jacket. The jacket was inspired by David Morrissey who portrayed the character of the Governor in The Television Series The Walking Dead. The jacket is uniquely designed to replicate the original leather jacket in the Drama series. The features of this jacket makes it fit on many occasion without making you feel weird in it. You can get The Walking Dead Jacket which will definitely make you look stylish and outstanding. The jacket also can be worn with any attire and still gives you an overall outstanding look.

NCIS Leather Jacket

NCIS is a popular Lose Angeles TV Series which was acted by Chris O’Donnell. In the series, the leather jacket made Chris to have a simple but stylish look. The jacket was inspired by this polar TV series which made it popular brand in America and the whole world. The original jacket is made from pure leather and it’s so comfortable and durable.
Next time you watch your favorite Tv Series, watch out for the Fashion defined by this superstars. They never disappoint.