Hollywood superstars are one of the most influential people in the world. People are drawn into movies to an extend that, they want to ape the lifestyles of these iconic actors and actress. Most blockbuster movies like the terminator are known to introduce new styles such as the terminator jacket. The movies impacts and influence the fashion industry. Costumes used by superstars like Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Travolta, have changed the fashion industry for several years. The luxurious jackets not only give a person an expensive look but also protect him/her from cold. Here is a review of movie inspired leather jackets.

Die Hard

The movie Die Hard was acted by a very charming character known as Bruce Willis. If you fancy leather jackets you will easily recognize the brownish leather jacket on Bruce Willis. These amazing jackets are very classy and unique and suitable for people of all ages. The jackets are found in many online shops and it will definitely give you a superstar looks.

Fight club

The fight club was acted by Brad Pitt. The superstar looks super sexy in the red leather jacket. Red color is so conspicuous, thus makes people to stand out in a crowd. If you are a fan of red jackets, this is a perfect selection for you.

Raiders of the lost ark

The Indian Jones leather jacket was inspired by the Harrison Ford, a popular Hollywood actor. The brown leather jacket becomes so popular in those days. The jacket is suitable for adventures in the rugged terrain, the jacket can endure any kind of environment because of it’s made of very high quality materials.

The Wild One

Marlano Brando in the movie The Wild One inspired the Johnny Strabler jacket. The jacket is often worn by motorbike riders,

Easy Rider

The popular movie Easy Rider is a 1969 road film. The Easy Rider Jacket was worn by the famous Peter Fonda. The jacket is made from lambskin leather and it’s very comfortable and lightweight. The Easy Rider Jacket is common among the bike riders. The leather jacket is also stretchable and gives a very fascinating look.


Terminator is one of the most popular science fiction movies. The terminator jacket was inspired by the main actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the movie, the terminator jacket gives Arnold a stylish look. The jacket is made from high quality cow hide.

Casino Royale

James Bond is one of the most popular Hollywood superstars. The actor is famous for the movie Casino Royale. The Bond’s leather jacket in the movie was very classy and attractive. There are several replicas for the casino royale leather jacket. The jacket comes in brown and black colors. However, the brown jacket is popular than the black.

Captain America

Captain America is one of the best blockbuster movies. The First Avenger Leather jacket was worn the main character, Chris Evans. The jacket’s high quality leather is designed to make you look like the real character in the movie.


The Dark Knight was acted by Christian Bale. The batman leather jacket was inspired by Christian Bale. The replica is highly designed to closely resemble the original brand. The design makes you have a touch of class and also makes you feel and looks like the character.