During the days of the World War II, the clothing industry was affected by rationing. There was scarce of fabrics, needles and threads, so people just had simple outfits using the little resources available. When the World War II ended there was availability of large quantity of fabrics for clothes, thus there was emergence of new fashion which was a boom in the 50’s.There was an introduction of new styles which includes: Petty coats,wool coats and leather jackets. In the 1950’s the fashion culture spread from the USA to the whole world. Style clothing became popular and different people came with different styles which influenced the whole world.

Classic bomber Jacket

A leather jacket is a symbol of coolness, the bomber jacket women is an outstanding and important jacket to add to your wardrobe. The leather jackets evolution started from the military pilot in the World War I to protective gears by the motorcycle riders to the modern leather jackets which are more of fashion jackets.
The leather jackets was once associated with the outlawed gangs, but after a while the jacket become the coolest attire in the American youth. In 1953, Marlon Brando appeared in a perfect leather jacket in the movie “The Wild One” another actor James Dean wore it in the movie “Rebel without a Cause”

The Game changer in the Leather Jacket Industry

In the 60’s There was a major evolution of the bomber jacket women, Yves Saint Laurent started designing leather jackets with crocodile skin with mint trim, this was the begging of high fashion, where it has greatly influence the modern fashion trends. Other designers like Jean Paul Gaulties and Claude Montana followed the same trend. Many people were intrigued by this designed, thus leather jackets like the bomber are one of the best jackets whose fashion does not fade.

Modern Bomber Jackets for ladies

The new bomber jacket for ladies brings a variety of styles from different fabrics. The designs bring a fascinating look effortless. The new designs involves the combination of the classic and the new urban look. The Bomber jacket women are perfect attire for off-duty, which is seen on bloggers, models and active women. Most designers who showcase their styles have embraced the bomber jacket, thou the new jackets are slightly light weight and made from fabrics such as tulle, neoprene, mesh and silk. The new emergence of the bomber jacket is greatly contributed by resurgence of different textures, shapes and colors. This is one of the must have outfit, that will make you look hot and sexy. This year some of the celebrities have been spotted in the bomber jackets:

  • Miles in a Simone Varsity bomber jacket

The bomber jacket has soft leather with button closure. Furthermore, it has a leather pockets with a ribbed trim

  • Zara Embroidered Bomber JacketTulisa a x-factor judge and singer was rocking in a Zara Embroidered bomber jacket
  • Esprit Leather bomber JacketAnneLynne McCord a famous American model and an Actress was spotted wearing an Esprit Leather Bomber Jacket
  • Burberry Brit Bomber JacketThe luxurious cotton and silk jacket is rated as one of the best 25 stylish leather jackets of the season, which is spotted by many celebs.