Celebrities are one of the influential people in the world. Their lifestyle impacts the world in various ways. These celebs earn a lot of money from advertisements and endorsements, thus each celeb try as much as possible to come up with their own brands so as to remain relevant in the industry. However, there are thousands of designers all over the world who capitalize in this trade by replicating these legit brands. These imitated Celebrity jackets are cheaper. Here are some of the top imitated celebrity jackets which are trending this season.

Hunger games jacket

The hunger games jacket it’s a women jacket which was inspired by Jennifer Lawrence the popular sci-fi movie “THE HUNGER GAMES” the hunger games jacket is designed with pure lambskin leather. The inside is polyester which makes you feel comfortable when you wear it.

Ben 10 Green Leather Jacket

The inspired jacket from BEN 10.ben Tennyson, a young star superhero was spotted in Ben 10 Leather Costume. The replica jacket is made from pure leather and inside is designed with polyester lining which gives you a smooth and comfortable touch. You can get this imitated jacket in many stores because it’s in fashion.

Godzilla Aaron TAYLOR Leather Jacket

The science-Fiction Godzilla Movie inspired the Godzilla Aaron Taylor Jacket. Aaron Taylor the main character in the movie is seen wearing this top quality leather jacket.

Man of Steel Superman Jacket Costume

The man of steel Superman Jacket was inspired by Henry Cavil when he took the role of Superman. The jacket is one of the world’s masterpiece designed. The imitated jacket is made from synthetic leather.

Robert Sheriff Long mire Leather Jacket Coat

The Robert Sheriff Leather jacket inspired from the popular TV series the LONGMIRE. The actor Robert Taylor looked stunning in this leather jacket. The jacket made from real leather and has a soft viscous lining in the inside.

Assassin Creed III Jacket

The Assassin Creed III jacket was inspired from the popular TV Series “The Mind GAMES” the character Miles is seen in this fascinating jacket. The Celebrity jacket has been neatly stitched and made from real leather.

Anna TORY fringe Jacket

The classy and wonderful jacket was worn by Anna Hathaway in one of the famous movie “GET SMART”. The Anne Hathaway Leather Jacket imitation is made from 100% leather with a neat stitching.

WWE Triple-H Black Leather Celebrity Jacket

Triple-H is one of the renowned wrestlers of all times. He won many WWE champions. The superstar is always seen in this black leather jacket which has become his Trademark. The jacket is one of the most imitated in the world.

Ryan Scorpion Drive Jacket

The Ryan Scorpion drive jacket was inspired from the movie drive. In the movie, Ryan Goslin the main character is spotted in this outfit in some scenes. Some replica of the jackets is available in popular stores.

Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 6 Jacket

The fabulous jacket is inspired from the video game Resident Evil 6.The Jacket worn by Leon Kennedy is made from genuine cowhide leather and the inside is polyester. The imitated version is always cheaper than the original make.

Zac Efron 17 Again Leather Jacket

THE popular Zac Efron leather jacket from the popular Hollywood movie “17 Again” the jacket imitation is available from several store and designed with professional designers to look like the original jacket.