Bomber jackets are mostly worn by men. Their popularity has grown tremendously because of their flexibility to match most clothes and durability because of its tough material. The Leather bomber jacket style suits many people. The other name for this leather jacket is the bombardier or flight jacket because it was associated with pilots in the World War I, which used to protect pilots from harsh weather conditions. Leather was the preferred attire because of its toughness. In the World War II the design was improvised to protect the pilots from the extreme cold weather. Here is what you need to know before buying bomber jackets.

The Different Styles available for Bomber Jackets

There are several designs for bomber jackets in the market. All have lengths which comes to the waistline, One main area to look for is the position of pockets; some are in the chest area while others are fitted in the normal position. The fastening method must be the YKK Zips. Some bomber jackets have hoods attached to the Bomber jackets.

The Color of the bomber jackets

The bomber jackets have not restriction to color, they can come in many color. However, the most common colors are brown and black. Blue colors are also available in the market. Other styles have red, green and yellows. But the real bomber jackets were black in color. Black is the best color because it can match with many other clothes in the wardrobe.

Material used in designing Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are made from different materials, resulting in a variety of appearances. The jacket was traditionally made from leather. Other material commonly used includes the polyester, nylon. The inside is made from wool lining which give helps give you warmth.

The Brand Selection

It’s important to buy established known brands such as the McQueen, McGregor, Indiana Jones and others. These brands produce high quality leather jackets.
Here are top bomber jackets in the market:

  • The Ryan Gosling Leather Bomber Jacket

The Ryan Gosling style intrigued many designers who tried to come up with this bomber jacket, with inspiration from Gosling latest movie “The Drive”

  • The Varsity Bomber Jacket

The Varsity bomber jacket is common among the American youth, the jacket is one of the coolest design which gives one a fascinating look.

  • Bruce Willis Leather Bomber Jacket

The red Bruce Willis Leather Jacket is a jacket in fashion this season, the jacket not only boost you style but also enhances your look. The jacket is made from 100% leather and inside is made from polyyeter. The bomber jacket has also the YKK Zipper.

  • Iron Man Bomber Jacket

This leather jacket was inspired by the X-Men movies; The Iron man Bomber jacket is common because of the success of the Iron Man Series. The jacket gives the wearer a comfortable and stylish look.

  • Black bomber Leather Jacket With Leather Hoodie

This was inspired by the World War II pilots who used the hoods to cover their heads, to protect them from cold. The jacket is designed by professional craftsmanship. The jacket is well stitched to make it durable. The hoodie bomber jacket is best attire for cold seasons or hanging out with pals.

  • Hank Moody Bomber Jacket

The Hank Moody leather jacket is one of the most fashionable bomber jackets in the market. The jacket was inspired by Hank Moody in the califonification season five.