Black Leather Jackets and motorcycles are synonymous, the evolution of leather jackets stated from the military pilots in the World War I. Leather jackets during this times were associated with adventure and speed. Early designs of motorcycle jackets in the 20’s and 30’s were made from goatskin with a fitted waist and short styling.

Available designs for leather jackets

Many designs of the leather jackets copied the Bomber Jacket used by the pilots during the World War II. The leather motorcycle jackets were military style or aviator, with short style collar and buttons for front closure.
Another style of the leather jackets emerged before the World War II; these jackets were made from thick horsehide with buttons on the front.

This style was popular because during this time, most farmers used horses which provided hides for the leather industry. The leather motorcycles jackets was made popular by the Hollywood stars in the movies. The Leather Motorcycle Jacket was worn by iconic celebrities such as the Marlon Brando who wore the jacket in the movie “The Wild One”.

How Movie revolutionized leather jacket trend

The movie was one o the hits during his time, The actor Marlon Brando who portrayed the character of Johnny Strabler a gang leader who rode a Triumph Thunderbird bike.
After Brando made the Black Leather Jackets biker for men  are popular, two years later another iconic superstar James Dean who was famous for the movie “Rebel Without A Cause” introduced a new style of Black Leather Jackets for men the interesting movie he acted and his death in an accident, sort off made a connection between rebellion. danger, speed and the black leather biker jacket men.

The movies quick succession, introduced a new era where motorcyclist and leather jackets were labeled rebellious, especially in the USA. Today it’s fashionable to wear the black leather jackets, however they are more of a protective gears used by motorcyclist. The leather clothing industries design these jackets mainly as safety attires.

The motorcycle leather jackets are heavier and thicker compared to the designer leather jackets which are for fashion. These jackets have been popular for more than 60 years because of their rugged construction and styling. The motorcycle leather jackets are popular because they can either be used as protective gear or for fashion apparel.

Review of Black Leather Jackets designs this season

Vintage Café Racer Tan Motorcycle Leather Jacket for men

This vintage bikerBlack Leather Jackets  for men is perfect attire for riders. This piece of leather jacket will not only make the wearer stunning but also standout in traffic or crowd. The jacket also guarantees 100% protection because it’s a super protective gear

Men’s Brando Biker Jacket for men

The Brando’s blue leather jacket for motorcycle is a superbly design to protect the riders from rugged terrain and environment. The attire also makes you look fabulous and stylish.

Men 3 Wolverine Black with Red Strips Biker Leather Jackets

The wolverine leather jacket was made popular by the X-men series. The main actor Hugh Jackman was seen in this fascinating leather jacket which influenced people to wear this outstanding biker jacket.

James Dean black leather biker jacket

The classic James Dean Leather jacket is another famous biker jacket this season. The leather jacket is commonly worn by movies stars in movies. This is the most common biker jacket for men, and it’s designed to protect the rider from injuries, cold, fire and still makes him have a stylish look.