Selecting and buying the right leather biker jacket is very important because of many reasons. The sole purpose of a motorcycle leather jacket is to protect you from injuries from accidents when riding a motorcycle. Unlike a car whereby there is seat belts for safety.
The motorcycles does not have a seat belt, thus there is need for wearing protective gears like the leather biker jacket. Apart from the leather jacket, other gears includes: helmets and leather pants. The leather jacket protects the torso. There are some special leather jackets which have armor for maximum protection which minimizes impacts.
The guide below will give detailed information on tips on how to purchase good quality leather biker jacket. The factor includes Types of jackets, materials which the jackets are made from. All these are important factor to consider when purchasing this protective gear. Here are the top things to consider:-

Material for leather Jacket

There are different types of materials used to make motorcycle jackets. Aside from protection, you should also consider other vital factors such as; the leather jacket designed in a way that will keep you cool and dry and keeping you warm without excessive heat. It important when riding a motorbike to keep yourself warm, because cold environment will expose your body and you may end up getting sick also when somebody shivers during the cold season, he/she becomes sluggish and it results to slow in reaction time. There are four common materials used to make the biker jackets which includes:

I. Textile

Textile is a mixture of polyester and nylon. It is a very light weight which is not suitable for winter environment. Perfectly works for summer

II. Leather

Most biker jackets are made from leather materials, this leather can be from different animal hides such as the cow and buffalo. The leather jacket will not only protect you from cold but also from injuries and scratches. However, it’s not suitable for summer, unless the leather jacket has vents. The biker leather jacket is one the sleekest.

III. Denim

Denim material is durable and can protect you from cuts and scratches. However, it will fail to insulate you from very cold conditions.
Some o this fabrics are also combined with some materials to make it suit both the summer and the winter.

Types of the Motorcycle Jackets

There are different kinds of motorcycle jackets which have different styles and protection level. The jackets are designed to suits different purposes which makes the buyer chose what will perfectly suits his/her needs. Here are the types of biker jackets to choose from: Classic, Race, Rain, Retro, Sports, and Touring and Traditional motorcycle jackets. The buyer is highly advised to purchase the jacket type, which will ensure you get the protection you desire.

Factors to consider while purchasing Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcyclist should also look for some vital features of the biker leather jackets. This includes:


It is important to look for a leather jacket with enough pockets to store your accessories like phones, keys and wallets


It is important to choose the correct size of jacket which will ensure you are comfortable and will keep you protected. The fitting is important because the armors in the leather jackets are designed to be in contour with the body, so as to prevent injuries


Ensure that the leather biker jackets have vents on the underarms and shoulders; this prevents excessive sweating and heating


Some motorcycle leather jackets comes with a detachable liner which gives the motorcyclist options to either stay cool or warm.